‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers Week 6: Kaitlyn Dumps Three Guys In Dublin, Two Rebound Quickly On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe travels to Dublin, Ireland on Week 6 (June 22), and viewers will see what may be the most tear-filled episode in the history of the show. Not only will her date with Nick Viall create controversy among her guys and the show’s viewers, it will lead to a uncomfortable confrontation with frontrunner Shawn Booth.

Amdist the drama, Kaitlyn will also have to dump one guy on a two-on-one date, and two guys at the rose ceremony on Monday night. One of her dumpees is a fan favorite who may be up for the role of the Bachelor 2016, and two of her now ex-suitors seem to get over Kaitlyn immediately — they are currently in Mexico filming the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Monday night brings a group date, the dreaded two-on-one date, and a one-on-one date that includes a little horizontal mambo in a Dublin hotel room. According to Reality Steve, Nick Viall scores the steamy date — they reportedly have sex after visiting the Christ Church Cathedral.

This is the first time a woman cast for the Bachelorette has sex before the Fantasy Suite dates (that fans are aware of), but viewers are in for more shockers this season. Kaitlyn reportedly sleeps with three guys before she gets to hometowns this season, so this tryst with Nick is just the tip of the dramatic iceberg. While the 30-year-old dance instructor may not be the most popular Bachelorette, she is certainly one of the most controversial.

Previews for Monday night’s episode show a visibly upset Shawn Booth having a conversation supposedly related to her date with Nick, but this could be yet another spot that’s heavily edited by producers. Whatever happens between Shawn and Kaitlyn ends well — he is rumored to be the guy who gets the final rose this season.

However, it’s not clear how long the relationship will last. According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Shawn was photographed holding hands with another woman in Nashville just three days after Kaitlyn inadvertantly shared a Snapchat video of the couple lying in bed together.

The focus of Monday night’s show seems to be on the fling between Kaitlyn and Nick, but there are two other dates that will take place in Ireland.

According to ABC, the Week 6 group date includes a traditional Irish Wake. In the preview for Monday night’s episode, Chris Harrison tells Tanner Tolbert, Benz Zorn, Ben Higgins, Jared Haibon, and Chris Strandburg that Kaitlyn is dead. The guys have to pay their final respects while Kaitlyn plays dead in a coffin, with each of her suitors sharing their thoughts about their dead TV girlfriend.

“Six suitors are at first eerily unnerved and then, amused, when they attend a traditional ‘fake’ Irish wake – for Kaitlyn – and must ‘eulogize’ her. The bereaved and bemused bachelors bid a fond farewell to their beloved, who is hysterical with laughter listening to a raucous celebration of her life.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe Coffin

It’s unsettling that producers included Ben Zorn — on his one-on-one date on a previous episode, he talked about his mother’s death, and it’s clear that he’s uncomfortable standing over Kaitlyn’s coffin. Unfortunately, Ben doesn’t get a rose on a date that is an emotional one — spoilers indicate that the rose goes to either Chris or Jared.

Joe Bailey and JJ Lane get the worst date of the season — a two-on one date. Kaitlyn takes the two guys on a picnic that will undoubtedly prompt a burning Bachelorette question on Twitter — do they eat the food, or does it get thrown away? At the end of the date, Kaitlyn sends JJ home, but he has a backup plan that doesn’t include Clint Arlis — he is one of several guys from this season that were cast for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

In addition to JJ, two additional guys will be eliminated at the Week 6 rose ceremony, but the elimination may not be shown until next week. Hopefully, ABC does away with the “to be continued” feature soon — fans end up finding out who goes home in the spoilers, so it’s not really a shocking surprise to wait a week.

Tanner Tolbert and Ben Zorn are said to be Kaitlyn’s dumpees for Week 6, with Ben rumored to be in the running for the next Bachelor, and Tanner taking his cast member interviewing skills to this summer’s drama-fest Bachelor in Paradise(August 2 premiere).

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