New York Escaped Prisoners Update: Mom Of 5 Shares Details Of Spotting Escapees

As police continue to search for the New York escaped prisoners in a strong “hot spot,” a tipster, stay-at-home mom Brandy Thompson, reveals that she saw two suspicious men near her home, which may have resulted in massive amounts of police swarming the area of Friendship, New York.

New York Daily News reports that Thompson was outside of her home in Friendship when she spotted two men walking across closeby railroad tracks. The 36-year-old immediately called 911.

“As I was coming out of my barn, I saw a man with a reddish-brown goatee, and another man behind him, and my first thought was ‘It’s the escapees.'”

Friendship NY Friendship NY

According to New York State Police Troop A commander Major Michael Cerretto, authorities interviewed a witness and determined that the tip was credible. Shortly after, police were dispatched to the area.

“We interviewed the witness at length and the determination was made that this investigation lead should be investigated.”

Although there has been speculation as to whether the two escapees stuck together after escaping from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility earlier this month, Thompson states she clearly saw two men together. One of them matched the description of what she saw on the news.

“There were two of them. The one with the beard turned around and picked up his (hood) like he didn’t want to be seen. Then they turned around and went back the way they came. The dispatcher told me to get in the house, lock my doors and windows, and to call my neighbors.”

Yet, it was difficult for the mother-of-five children to remain calm and indoors while escaped inmates were potentially in her area. She reveals she left for her boyfriend’s house shortly after she called 911, where her gun was located.

“Last night, I wasn’t calm. I went to my boyfriend’s (house) and stayed the night. That’s where my rifle was, which I made sure to bring back with me today. With that and my dog, I should be OK.”

Currently, more than 300 law enforcement workers, including local, state, and national law enforcement agencies, are investigating Friendship and its surrounding areas, located in the Northwestern portion of New York, in Allegany County, near the Pennsylvania border. There is a heavily-wooded area around Interstate 86 that the escapees may be hiding out in.

Richard Matt, 38, and David Sweat, 35, are both convicted murderers. The pair escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, on June 15, by using power tools and wire cutters to cut and break through the prison’s walls and wiring. The convicts were allegedly assisted by prison worker, Joyce Mitchell, 51, who provided them with the tools to escape.

The New York escaped prisoners are considered extremely dangerous. Anyone in Friendship and the surrounding areas should keep their doors locked at all times, and contact 911 immediately if the inmates are spotted.

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