Adam Lambert Interview: Death And Diva Rumors, Plus The Only Thing That Makes Adam ‘Snobby’

Adam Lambert, now a superstar, talks about how he has handled various rumors. Notably, they’re some of the wildest rumors he’s heard. Also, Lambert interviews about him being snobby.

After touring with Queen, Lambert’s musical presence has taken a giant leap. While he was already known from his American Idol success, he just released his new album, The Original High.

In an interview with BBC, Adam discusses the time and methods he put into his project.

“[When recording vocals] I do complete takes, mostly. Then after a few full passes, I’ll do the verse 10 times. But never line by line.

“This project wasn’t rushed. We started working in Stockholm, Sweden, and that was all I had on my plate for two months. That focus really allowed me to dive into the ideas. It gave me a lot of energy to keep just for the studio.”

Amid Adam’s music endeavors, he’s had to tackle a few rumors along his career, so far. In the same interview, Lambert talks about the biggest two he’s encountered.

“I heard once that I’d died! And early on, when I first started, there was a rumour that I was like a giant, massive diva. And I was like, ‘I think I’m pretty nice to everyone I meet.’ Where did they get that?

“A diva is just somebody that’s demanding. A little crazy. Not in touch with reality. I don’t like to be treated special. I’ve seen celebrities where you’re told ‘Don’t look them in the eye,’ and I’m like, ‘Who would say that? It’s ridiculous.’

“For me, the thing about being a pop artist is, I want people to identify with me. If I’m placed in a bubble, living an unrealistic existence, how can I be close to my audience?”

The guy is so well-recognized that San Diego, California, officially made May 8 “Adam Lambert Day.” A plaque was given and everything. As reports Belfast Telegraph, Adam quotes as follows.

“I don’t think it’s an annual holiday! When you go to a city and they do a proclamation, it’s just for that day, isn’t it? I got a certificate and a plaque and I’m very flattered — but I don’t think it’s taken seriously. I certainly don’t celebrate Adam Lambert day!”

While there are several humble traits about Lambert, he does have one “snobby” chink he admits. Tequila. He likes it the way he likes it, nothing less — as reports BBC.

“I’m a little snobby with the tequila! I like a top shelf and not a bottom shelf. But I don’t have anything crazy on my rider. I ask for a scented candle, and I started asking for local honey when I found out it helps with allergies. Plus, it’s tasty.”

All in all, what do you make of Adam Lambert and his constant rise to fame? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Photo Credits: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment]