‘Inside Out’ Receives Rave Reviews: Why Everyone Is Loving This ‘Emotional’ Pixar Film

The reviews for Pixar’s Inside Out have been insanely positive. So well-received was the company’s newest 3D animated feature that it briefly enjoyed a 100 percent “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While Inside Out was still “certified fresh,” its average has since dropped to a near-perfect 98 percent.

Movie critics and audience members of all ages have mostly fallen in love with the Pixar film. So just what is it about this “emotional” children’s movie that hits home with moviegoers? Apparently there are quite a few positive takeaways.

Forbes contributor Erik Kain remarked that Inside Out is “the kind of movie that usually only gets made by some small, art-house indie studio.” He also wrote that the way emotions were brought to life was “sort of remarkable.”

Inside Out isn’t just a kid’s movie. Just like all the best kid’s movies, and certainly all of Pixar’s best, Inside Out works just as well, if not better, for adults.”

Remember, Pixar has been around long enough that a large chunk of the American audience grew up with their movies, and movies the company made with Walt Disney Pictures. That Toy Story 3 movie? Apparently the audience was mainly grown-ups. Nostalgic, ugly-crying grown-ups. Although Pixar is no longer joined with Disney at the hip, Inside Out proves that Pixar has plenty of its own movie magic.

Although some critics don’t think Inside Out will stand the test of time as Toy Story has (or perhaps become the beaten dead horse that is the Cars franchise), Inside Out is such a charming family film that maybe, just maybe, it will invite an awesome sequel. That way, children can grow up with the series, getting the “older” jokes and, of course, learn to appreciate the importance and complexity of all human emotions.

Speaking of complicated emotions, it’s been a bittersweet weekend for Pixar. Although Inside Out will earn an estimated $91 million in the U.S. alone, it was not enough of a haul to win the weekend. That honor goes to the still dominant Jurassic World. As a result, Inside Out became the first Pixar film since 1995 that wasn’t the top-grossing film on its opening weekend.

That unhappy news aside, things are looking good for the next couple of weeks as word of mouth spreads. Even though Inside Out didn’t top this weekend, there’s a possibility the film will ride the wave of good reviews to the top of the box office next weekend.

[Image Credit: Pixar/MOVIECLIPS Trailers]