Lionel Messi Selfie: Jamaica Player Awkwardly Scores On-Field Photo With Forward

Jamaica’s Deshorn Brown was so excited to have played on the same pitch as Lionel Messi during his nation’s Copa America game with Argentina that he couldn’t help but secure a selfie with the forward.

You can check out a video of Brown going to great lengths to get the image with the Barcelona forward below, as well as Brown’s eventual picture, too.

Speaking to Reuters, via the Star, after the contest, which saw Argentina beat Jamaica 1-0, Brown explained that he couldn’t help but ask Messi for the picture.

“I had thought about it before the match so that’s why I took (the phone) to the bench. As soon as (the match) finished… I took the picture. Messi is the best in the world, a star, and that’s a photo I’ll have as a souvenir all my life.”

Brown had been substituted towards the end of the contest. But as soon as the final whistle rang out, he immediately headed back to the pitch to request the image with Messi.

Messi admitted that he was slightly taken aback by the request, but he was quickly enamoured by Brown for asking — especially since he had been so frustrated about how the game had gone.

“He surprised me. On top of that I was annoyed about how the match had gone despite our win… but when I saw the phone I realised what was going on. It’s really nice when a colleague asks me for that.”

Messi played his 100th game for Argentina against Jamaica, and he admitted that he was frustrated with how he had played. It took a goal from Gonzalo Higuain to secure all three points for Argentina — that should be enough for the country to progress to the knock-out stages of the competition.

[Photo by Matthias Hangst / Getty Images]