Kate Middleton: Her Striking Resemblance To Harry’s New Female Friend

The newly reported budding romance between Prince Harry and Doctor Who Star Jenna Coleman has the tabloids churning out speculative claims that the two are, in fact, a couple. This has yet to be verified, but isn’t it a lovely thought that Harry just might be pairing up with such a beautiful and talented young woman? Onlookers and royal watchers also have their eye on the beauty for another reason, that being to draw comparisons between the two princes’ choice of companions. Ms. Coleman and the very Duchess, who wows us on the regular with her fashionable attire, ear-to-ear show-stopper smile and immaculately-styled chestnut hair, do have a striking resemblance.

Redbook hones in on this very comparison between Kate Middleton and Jenna Coleman in their recent take on the possible coupling between Harry and the actress.

“While all reports of the coupling remain obviously speculative, we can’t help but notice that Coleman (with her flowing, brown tresses) bears quite the resemblance to Harry’s sister-in-law and noted hairstyle perfectionist, the Duchess of Cambridge.”

Although Harry and the Kate lookalike have been spotted in each other’s company on a few occasions, such as at a polo match and at a party getting cozy, the royal watchers and sci-fi enthusiasts can’t celebrate quite yet as the relationship has not been admitted to by either party. However, Us Weekly is certainly doing their part to keep the speculations flying about the two.

The 30-year-old Prince and stunning English 29-year-old actress were spotted by sources who relayed the pair’s behavior to Us Weekly, which suggested a soon-to-be coupling. At Jak’s in Chelsea, the source spotted the two and shared in regards to the scene.

“They were really close. Harry was happy she could make it. They were laughing and seemed into each other.”

An additional source, however, then relayed how a serious commitment between the Middleton-esque actress and the Prince is likely far off due to hectic schedules.

“They’ll never be anything serious because of their schedules. He’s off to South Africa and she’s going to be filming Doctor Who in the States. But, for now, they’re just enjoying each other’s company.”

The British beauty had earlier been linked to Game of Thrones star Richard Madden, and although reports claim that Jenna and Harry’s first flirtatious exchange was earlier this month at a polo match, the two have apparently known each other for quite some time. Perhaps the two will make it official sooner than we think.

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