Reasons To Love Jim Bob Duggar: Michelle Duggar’s List Might Make You Queasy

Jim Bob Duggar definitely isn’t one of the most popular men in America right now, so Michelle Duggar decided to do her best to give his image a boost on Father’s Day. However, those who are still sickened by the Josh Duggar molestation scandal won’t be able to stop cringing after they see what Michelle did.

In honor of Father’s Day, Michelle Duggar wrote a lengthy blog post titled “5 Reasons Why Jim Bob Duggar Is A Loving Dad.” The 19 Kids and Counting matriarch shared her ode to Jim Bob on the Duggar Family website, and a few select passages are listed below.

“When he lacks wisdom in what to do, he goes to the best Father for advice, our Heavenly Father.”

This is listed under reason number one to love Jim Bob Duggar, which is titled, “He loves his children by having a learning spirit.” Many Christians like to pray on things when they’re not sure what to do, but Jim Bob’s past sort of makes the big guy upstairs look bad. He and his family obviously did a lot of praying after they first learned that Josh Duggar was molesting his younger sisters, but whatever they thought God told them to do didn’t exactly work out. As In Touch Weekly points out, Josh’s sexually deviant behavior continued to get worse, but his parents chose to allow him to remain at home with his victims. He would go on to molest his then-5-year-old sister.

“He teaches his children that God loves them so much, that He will chasten them if they continue to behave in a sinful way, and so will their Daddy.”

This was listed under reason number three to love Jim Bob Duggar, which is titled, “He loves his children by restraining their sinful behavior.” It sounds rather threatening when you consider the fact that the Duggars use corporal punishment on their children. During the Josh Duggar molestation investigation, one of the Duggar kids told police that their parents have “a rod.” As the Inquisitr previously reported, the child in question hinted that Jim Bob and Michelle used the rod quite frequently by stating that they had spanked all their children with it.

“He believes that each of his children are a gift, given to him, from God, and he treats them with respect.”

This was listed under reason number 4 to love Jim Bob: “He loves his children by being their spiritual servant/leader.” It’s cringe-worthy because it’s fairly obvious that the Duggars think some children deserve more respect than others — they tried to protect their oldest son from getting in legal trouble, and this resulted in more instances of sexual abuse.

“When some of our daughters wanted to obtain medical skills, Dad encouraged them to follow their dream. They enrolled in a first responders course, obtained the certification and have served on our local volunteer fire department and have gone on to gain midwifery and doula training.”

This was listed under the title, “He loves his children because he enjoys having fun with his kids.” It’s great that Jim Bob Duggar wants his daughters to learn helpful medical skills, but Michelle’s words are a sad reminder that her daughters will probably never turn these skills into careers. Patheos writer Libby Anne points out that the Duggars follow “cult-like” organizations that teach parents “that women are not to have careers and that daughters should be actively discouraged from considering such.” Girls also aren’t allowed to leave home to go to college.

It’s true that Jill Duggar was training to become a midwife, but, as the Inquisitr previously reported, the Arkansas Department of Health Doesn’t list her as a Lay Midwife Apprentice or a Licensed Lay Midwife. It’s possible that Jill has decided to give up on her dream so that she can be a full-time mom to baby Israel, and perhaps a family member helped her make this decision.

Do you think that Michelle Duggar’s list of reasons to love Jim Bob Duggar is nauseating or nice?

[Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook]