North Korea Miracle Drug: Kim Jong-Un Claims Drug Cures AIDS, Ebola, And Cancer

North Korea reportedly has a miracle drug that can cure AIDS, cancer, Ebola, and MERS -- but Kim Jong-un is keeping it a secret.

The country announced Friday that its scientists had created a drug called Kumdang-2, which was several decades in the making.

As a website promoting the alleged miracle drug explained, its makeup is actually quite simple.

"Kumdang-2 Injection is a herbal medicine extracted from Kaesong Koryo insam (ginseng) cultivated in Kaesong DPR Korea by applying rare-earth molecular fertilizer. It contains insam saccharides, light rare earth elements, a micro-quantities of gold and platinum."
North Korean officials went on to explain that the drug has a range of uses.

"Malicious virus infections like SARS, Ebola, and MERS are diseases that are related to immune systems, so they can easily be treated by Kumdang-2 injection drug," said a post on the Korean Central News Agency, the state's official media site.

Unfortunately, the miracle drug has done little to stop the MERS virus spreading in North Korea. Already two dozen people have been killed by the respiratory ailment that has swept across the Middle East and Asia.

Perhaps not surprisingly, details about the miracle drug were scarce. The website promoting the drug claims that it was tested on HIV-positive patients in Africa, with 56 percent being cured and 44 percent noting considerable improvement in their lives. But there is no way to verify the claims.

Scientists also claimed the drug can cure a number of cancers, but did not say which ones.

As the Independent notes, the alleged miracle drug is not the only whopper from North Korea.

"The dictatorship is known for making outlandish claims about its own prowess. The state claims that Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger and had magical powers which meant he did not need to use the toilet.

"They also claim that he was born atop a North Korean mountain prompting a double rainbow and new star to spontaneously appear. Unfortunately for the state, records show that he was born in Siberia."

There are some other strange claims regarding his athletic prowess. Kim Jong-un reportedly bowled a 300 and shot five holes-in-one the first time be played golf (and reportedly ended up with a 38 under par as well).

Some believe that news of the miracle drug is distracting from real problems in North Korea. The U.N. claimed yesterday that 10.2 million people there are facing famine due to a massive and long-lasting drought.

[Image via the Independent]