Lindsay Lohan Nightclub Fight: Hotel Worker Claims She Fought With Female Customer

A worker at the Standard Hotel, home of the nightclub Smoke and Mirrors has come forward to claim that he not only saw Lindsay Lohan at the club the night of an alleged fight but that he actually had to break up the scuffle after it errupted.

In an L.A. County Sheriff’s incident report Marisa Dugas claims she went over to Lohan’s table to talk to a guy when Lohan pushed her and a fight erupted. Lohan for her part claims she was at home the entire night.

Now a hotel worker tells TMZ that Lindsay Lohan was definitely at Smoke And Mirrors on the night in question and that he watched the scene unfold. The hotel worker says Marisa sat down at a nearby table and was chatting it up with a guy in Lohan’s group when all of a sudden Lohan’s entourage began throwing ice at Marisa. Eventually the worker says Lohan became part of the problem and he had to break up the fight.

The hotel employee says the female was eventually escorted out of the club and cried hysterically, claiming that Lindsay Lohan hurt her, she then refused medical attention.

While no pictures have surfaced of Lohan at the club the night in question the man says there is footage at the back of the club that shows Lohan on video entering and leaving the club. At this time the hotel is refusing to release that footage and the worker has given his statement to police.

The entire situation is being investigated by L.A. detectives and Lindsay Lohan’s people continue to adamantly deny the accusations.