Waldorf Astoria Wedding Shooting: Bride Plans To Sue For Millions After Hotel Cancelled Reception

Distraught bride Anna Goldschmidt was set to have a million-dollar wedding reception with groom Elan Stratiyevsky at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan when a guest accidentally fired a gun injuring another female guest. As a result of the shooting, the hotel decided to cancel the reception as police were still searching for the gun. Upon learning about the cancellation the bride let out a “blood-curling” scream and has now vowed to sue the hotel for “millions” after her big day was ruined.

The Daily Mail reports that bride Anna Goldschmidt married Elan Stratiyevsky on June 13, 2015, at the Waldorf Astoria in a million-dollar wedding. After the couple were pronounced man and wife, a reception was to take place at the hotel. However, as the wedding photographer was taking photos at the reception, a guest accidentally discharged his weapon. The bullet grazed the head of another female guest who was subsequently taken to the hospital. Police were called to the scene but were unable to locate the weapon after it was misplaced in the chaos.

As a result of the shooting and the inability to locate the weapon, the Waldorf Astoria informed the blushing bride, who was still in her dressing room getting ready for the reception when the shooting took place, that the reception was cancelled. Witnesses say that when Goldschmidt learned her reception was cancelled she let out a “blood-curling” scream, not for the victim but over the fact her reception was cancelled, and began to cry.

According to the New York Post, the bride and groom now plan to sue the Waldorf Astoria for millions after the reception was cancelled “for no reason whatsoever,” which resulted in the couple’s emotional harm.

“We are planning to sue the Waldorf for the costs of the wedding and the emotional harm suffered by the bride and groom, whose dream wedding was destroyed for no reason whatsoever by Waldorf personnel.”

It seems the bride and groom aren’t just planning to sue the hotel, they are also going after the man responsible for all the chaos.

“A suit is also contemplated against the shooter, whose recklessness created the havoc.”

What do you think about the lawsuit against the Waldorf Astoria? Did they cancel the wedding reception for “no reason whatsoever” or was the shooting due cause for the cancellation? What about the lawsuit against the shooter? Should he be held liable for the “emotional harm” the couple suffered from having their million-dollar reception cancelled?

[Image Credit: Facebook]