‘Daddy’s Home’ Trailer Released, Promises A Vintage Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Movie

Will Ferrell’s new movie, Daddy’s Home, has Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg battling for best daddy in the trailer released just in time for Father’s Day. The Daddy’s Home trailer is pure Ferrell, promising a great movie for Wahlberg’s and Ferrell’s first reunion since their buddy-cop comedy The Other Guys.

“Love Will and Mark together,” says Twitter user @Keojisu

Wahlberg as Dusty is a cool special-ops agent who puts the parent pressure on Brad (Ferrell) after Brad marries Dusty’s ex wife. Brad has always wanted to be a father, and Ferrell is a more-than-convincing doting stepfather to the two children. Unfortunately, his suburban-home, easygoing style has a hard time competing with Wahlberg’s tough guy character.

Ferrell is perfect as the “mild mannered radio executive,” and a bit of a homebody kind of Daddy who gives his step kids bedtime cuddles and stories. Everything is fine in the new family until Wahlberg’s Dusty comes home, wanting to be Daddy to his two kids. At first, Dusty tries to get the kids on his side by offering cash instead of Brad’s snuggling. Wahlberg’s tight jeans and a leather jacket clad character isn’t a cuddler.

The situation quickly escalates as both sides up the ante to claim first daddy status in the home. After ponies, puppies, and increasingly crazy stunts don’t settle the question of who’s the best daddy, things go from wonky to worse. An “unfortunate” incident at an NBA basketball game gave fans an advance peek at the Daddy’s Home movie. A scene was filmed live at a Pelicans-Lakers game, and featured Will Ferrell up to his usual antics when he made a surprise appearance at half-time.

Ferrell, 47, took over the court at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans and tried to make a half-court shot. Fans were shocked when Will “hurled the basketball straight into the face of a Pelicans cheerleader.” Security rushed on to the floor and dragged Will away. It was all part of the plan, and everyone on the court was in on the joke.

The crowd had no idea that it was all for the Daddy’s Home movie. They’d only been told that Ferrell was going to try and make the shot, so when he slammed the “cheerleader” in the face, they were outraged, not knowing that she was a professional paid stuntwoman.

Will told ET Online about the reaction to the stunt.

“People thought I actually snuck — drunk — onto a basketball court. People wanted me to be sued for my actions. They didn’t realize that was a paid, professional stuntwoman I hit in the face with not a real ball.”

There’s lots more of the same vintage Ferrell in the Daddy’s Home trailer, and finding out who the best Daddy is will be well worth the five year wait for another Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg show! It looks like Daddy’s Home will bring it home.

[Image via Entertainment Weekly]