Mark Wahlberg Teaming Up With Will Ferrell For ‘Daddy’s Home’

The unexpected comedy duo Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell had a huge hit on their hands with the 2010 The Other Guys, and now it looks like they’re going to try and recapture that magic for a second time around.

Mark Wahlberg is rumored to be joining Ferrell for the new comedic film Daddy’s Home. According to Deadline, Will Ferrell was originally going to be joined by another collaborator and comedic actor Vince Vaughn. Unfortunately Vaughn stepped down for the project when Tropic Thunder director Ethan Cohen dropped out of the project, which made for a vacant spot.

In our opinion, Mark Wahlberg is a more than suitable replacement for Vaughn, especially considering the great chemistry he has with his Other Guys co-star Ferrell.

In the new film Daddy’s Home, Will Ferrell will play “a mild-mannered radio executive” who is just striving to be a good stepfather to his wife’s two children. Wahlberg on the other hand will take on the role of the children’s “freeloading, bad-mannered biological father” who is involved in a competition for his children’s attention with Ferrell’s character.

Scribes Sean Anders and John Morris, who are responsible for the comedic film We’re the Millers, and are currently directing the sequel to Horrible Bosses, will also direct Daddy’s Home. In addition Ferrell and his producing partner Adam McKay are producing the film through Gary Sanchez Productions.

This isn’t the only time Ferrell and Wahlberg have talked about teaming up again. In 2011 Adam McKay was very open about a football comedy that was in development at the time. Warner Bros bought the pitch for an ensemble comedy featuring the duo with Alec Baldwin set to co-star.

In the film Wahlberg was supposed to play Baldwin’s son who grew up competing with Ferrell’s family. Back in 2011 the film was tentatively called Three Mississippi. Now we aren’t too sure if that film is still on the table.

As for Mark Wahlberg, the actor has finally pegged down a successful acting career as an action star who dabbles in comedy every once in a while. His last comedic film was Seth MacFarlane’s Ted, which proved to be extremely successful. Next up for Wahlberg is a reboot of the action film Transformers called Transformers: Age of Extinction. As for Ferrell his last film was the comedy flick Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Ferrell will be taking an unexpected turn in the dramedy Welcome to Me later on in the year.

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