David Sweat, Richard Matt Spotted: Police Reveal New Details In Escaped Convict Case As Manhunt Continues

Reports indicate that escaped convicts David Sweat and Richard Matt may have been spotted recently in two separate incidents in New York after their prison escape. The two men escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York on June 6, and a massive manhunt has been taking place ever since. Police are now sharing some specific details about the search for the two men after witnesses report they saw men matching their descriptions.

According to ABC News, police now confirm that David Sweat and Richard Matt were spotted, potentially, near a rail yard on June 13. That sighting happened in Erwin, New York as witnesses report that they saw two men walking near a rail yard. Additional reports have come in indicating that two men were spotted in the town of Lindley near the border of Pennsylvania, and the descriptions matched the prior sightings. The second spot is about 17 miles away from the first spot.

Police confirm that the descriptions of the men from the separate sightings match the descriptions of Sweat and Matt. The sightings came from areas about 300 miles from where the two men escaped. Reports indicate that investigators have interviewed multiple witnesses in both communities regarding the sightings. They have also scoured surveillance footage, though the video is said to be inconclusive.

The possible sightings came from separate people, CNN shares, and the incidents were not reported until June 16. Police released details of the possible Sweat and Matt spotting on Friday. Also on Friday, a corrections officer was placed on administrative leave related to the investigation. This person’s name has not been released, and this is the second prison employee tied to the escape.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, prison tailor shop instructor Joyce Mitchell has been arrested for her role in the escape. Authorities warn those in the area to be on the lookout for men matching the description of Sweat and Matt and they are considered to be quite dangerous. Sweat was convicted of killing a sheriff’s deputy in 2002 while Matt was convicted for beating and killing a man in 1997.

While David Sweat and Richard Matt were spotted a week ago now, if indeed they are the men witnesses saw, authorities are not letting up on the hunt and say they will pursue the men relentlessly until they are captured.While the search is focused in the area of the prison and sightings, the investigation has stretched to the Mexican and Canadian borders as well.

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