For Sale: Some old crap Michael Jackson had lying around

Michael Jackson has some stuff up for sale over at Julien’s Auction House.


That’s right folks – step right up and take a closer look at the old old jumpsuits Michael Jackson used to wear on stage when he was a kid. Marvel at the ornate furniture, the ivory statuettes in various states of undress and basque in the glow of the lamp the king of pedo of pop used to cast those hideous shadows on the wall of his inner sanctum to the delight of many young boys.

Check out Michael Jackson’s couch. No, folks, those aren’t wine stains and bullet holes, that’s hand woven fabric and tufting done by only the finest skilled craftsmen. This baby would seat at least four of your buddies out in the garage next weekend and doubles as a doggy bed, complete with humping pillows that are sure to give the little rascal hours of pleasure.


So on April 23rd, be sure to visit Michael Jackson’s auction over at Julien’s Auction web site and have that credit card handy. You may just be lucky enough to snag one of those white gloves (sorry: right hand only).