A New ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Teaser To Whet Fans’ Appetites [Video]

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead.

Little by little, fans of The Walking Dead and newbies drawn in by the hype surrounding this new spin-off are getting a taste of what Fear The Walking Dead will be and how it will compare to the primary Walking Dead series. Fear The Walking Dead cast updates have really been the primary source of information, leaving fans guessing about how each new addition will fit in with the story of an urban family adjusting to the zombie holocaust.

Aside from those cast updates, the creative team behind Fear The Walking Dead, many of whom incidentally come from the primary Walking Dead series, have given fans brief glimpses into the Walking Dead world they have begun to create. A brief synopsis gave Walking Dead fans an idea that Fear The Walking Dead would take place just as the zombie apocalypse is beginning to spread, until statements from Robert Kirkman warned that Fear The Walking Dead was not a prequel series. Confused yet? You’re not alone.

“Everything that happens in Fear the Walking Dead is in the same universe as The Walking Dead,” Kirkman shared. “So any rule that we find out and anything they see in the early days is definitely something that was happening in the past of the other show.”

There was also this brief teaser, the first one released to entice fans and draw them into the Fear The Walking Dead hype, which by now has reached a fever pitch.

Now, that creative team is giving fans a bigger look into the Fear The Walking Dead universe, but only slightly more revealing. In this new Fear The Walking Dead clip, which has been titled “Nick’s Escape,” we see Nick, Frank Dillane’s character, running for his life. Whatever it is that Nick is running from clearly has the wits to chase after him (and to inspire some pretty intense dread in its prey), destroying any preconceived notions about what fans can expect from Fear The Walking Dead.

If that wasn’t enough, or for fans hoping for an insider’s glimpse into the new season of The Walking Dead, the cast and creative teams for both The Walking Dead primary series and the Fear The Walking Dead companion series will be attending San Francisco Comic Con next month, where cast and crew for both series will participate in discussion panels and autograph sessions. Check out this Inquisitr article for the scheduled Walking Dead events in greater detail.

[Featured image: Frank Dillane courtesy of AMC/Fear The Walking Dead]