Blake Shelton Rescues Oklahoma Man Stranded By Tropical Storm Bill

Blake Shelton took time out of his 39th birthday to do a good deed for a fellow Oklahoman Thursday. Roho Hartman was driving home from work when he became stranded in waist high flood waters produced by Tropical Storm Bill.

He and a passerby were struggling to push his car up a hill when Shelton arrived on scene with a tow rope and a Dodge pick-up truck. As soon as Shelton got out of his truck, Hartman thought he looked awfully familiar. However, he convinced himself it was just someone who looks like the country superstar.

“The guy said ‘are you ready?’ I thought…that looks like Blake Shelton.”

Hartman realized it really was Blake Shelton who rescued him from the flood waters, but he didn’t hesitate to ask him for a ride home. Roho told KFOR TV that he and Shelton hit it off quite well and had a nice chat on the 15 minute ride to his house.

Roho’s wife called to check on him while they were driving. He had a hard time convincing her that Blake Shelton pulled him out of the water and was bringing him home. Once they arrived, the “Sangria” singer kindly posed for a few pictures with Hartman’s family.


“I said you wouldn’t believe it, Blake Shelton pulled me out. Told her ‘you better slick up, we’ll be there in just a minute.'”

Roho said he’s a big fan of Blake’s and watches him on The Voice. He likes Shelton’s wife, Miranda Lambert, too. Apparently, Roho was aware of the Keith Hill #SaladGate controversy, because he mentioned he didn’t agree with what was said about women not being needed on radio.

Hartman would love to repay Blake for his kindness by cooking a steak dinner for him and Miranda. He said maybe someone could reach out to Shelton “on that Facebook deal” to let him know the invitation is open.

“Get him on that Facebook deal, however that is, I don’t know nothing about it. It was great, he’s a good fella I think, I like him.”

Flood rescue isn’t the only way Blake Shelton has given back recently. He had to miss this year’s CMA Music Festival, but he wanted join his fans in spirit. Shelton teamed with Bud Light to offer a limited number of free “Beers On Blake!” at over a dozen Nashville bars and honky tonks on June 11, the first day of the festival. Fans who scored a cold one courtesy of The Voice coach were encouraged to take a picture and post it on Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #YourVoiceofChoice.

[Images by Kevin Winter/Getty Images and Fox23]