Bear Roaming Backyards In L.A. Gets Captured, Returned To Forest [Video]

A large black bear that has been roaming around backyards in Glendale, a suburb of Los Angeles, has been captured and returned to the forst.

The LA Times reports that the bear discovered Costco meatballs in a refrigerator about a month ago. Since then, the bear has been stalking the neighborhood in search of a similar treat. Wildlife authorities said that the bear has been monitoring trash schedules in order to grab free meals.

Officials from the California Department of Fish and Game shot the bear with multiple tranquilizers this morning. Once the bear was sedated, they transported the bear deep into the Angeles National Forest. Officials said that the bear was not injured but may wake up with a major “hangover.”

The Post Intelligencer reports that several locals watched as the bear was loaded into a cage. The crowd erupted in cheers once the bear was taken away. Not only was their community safe, but the bear was heading home.

Valerie Jordan, a resident of Glendale, said:


“I think everyone in this community was concerned about the bear’s well-being. Poor thing. It was terribly frightened.”

Officials are now urging residents to use bear-proof containers for waste in order to keep bears out of the neighborhood.