WWE News: Top WWE Star To Turn Heel Before ‘WWE SummerSlam’?

Everybody loves a change in direction that makes sense. In the WWE, that’s classified as a shocking babyface or mega-heel turn. They don’t happen frequently, but when they are executed properly, it’s a great sight to see. The last one to really transform the WWE was Seth Rollins’ turn on the Shield a year ago.

The WWE Universe knew it was coming, but since the Shield was an exceptional group, it was a shame to see them break up. Rollins turned out to be a monster heel too, and his turn created the big summer program that the WWE usually does once a year. In 2011, it was the summer of CM Punk. Last year, Seth Rollins dominated the scene.

Now, it’s time for the huge summer program to get underway. Other than Brock Lesnar’s return, there hasn’t been a fantastic situation that helped launch the WWE into the next realm of success. That is, until this report came out that indicates a huge swing the other way.

According to the Daily Wrestling News, a huge turn is coming for a top-WWE superstar.

“There’s a lot of talk that we will see a top WWE babyface turn heel soon due to the roster being heavy with babyfaces this summer. With Ambrose, Roman Reigns,Randy Orton, John Cena, Chris Jericho, possibly Seth Rollins and possibly Brock Lesnar working as top babyfaces, one of those is expected to turn.”

Out of those WWE superstars, who has the best chance of a turn? Seth Rollins has been rumored for a babyface turn for his feud against Brock Lesnar. Right now, that doesn’t make sense due to the popularity of Lesnar and Paul Heyman right now. If Rollins were to turn babyface for his match against Triple H at SummerSlam, that makes perfect sense.

The WWE is changing at the top and for the better. Dean Ambrose is honing a personality that is reminiscent of Stone Cold Steve Austin in the Attitude Era. His change will help shape the WWE main event scene while the new blood comes in, like Kevin Owens.

Finn Balor probably won’t be up until 2016. Sami Zayn is already confirmed to be out until 2016. When Owens ascends to the main event scene, someone will have to turn. Randy Orton, John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Chris Jericho will not turn heel. Reigns is a long-shot for WWE’s top heel. Rollins is the only option to turn babyface. SummerSlam isn’t until August, so there’s time to turn somebody.

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