Charleston Shooting: Suspect Attended Church’s Bible Study — Snapchat Images From Victim

The recent Charleston shooting was a heinous crime by suspect Dylann Roof, 21. In a Snapchat video from victim Tywanza Sanders, 26, the suspect is seen attending Bible study just before opening fire.

Shooting suspect Dylann Roof was captured on camera attending Emanuel AME Church’s Bible study on Wednesday, as reports CNN. The source gathered several testimonies from people who were either on-scene or were related to or friends of the victims. One witness states that the shooting suspect specifically asked for the minister upon entering the building.

The testimony comes from Sylvia Johnson, Reverend Clementa Pinckney’s cousin. She states that she heard about the incident from the survivor, Felecia Sanders.

“My cousin, being the nice, kind, welcoming person he is, he welcomed him to his congregation, welcomed him to the Bible study, and he sat there for an hour… At the conclusion of the Bible study, they just heard just a ringing of a loud noise, and it was just awful from what I heard.”

In the video, everything appeared calm, and no one expected things were about to transform into the Charleston shooting which took place.

The shooting suspect told the survivor that he was going to kill himself, Johnson recalls from Sanders. However, Dylann was apprehended in Shelby, North Carolina — thanks to the help of Debbie Dill, as reports the Inquisitr.

While staying on the phone with authorities, Dill followed the Charleston shooting suspect approximately 35 miles until police could catch up to his black Hyundai.

In an interview with Shelby Star, she told the news medium as follows.

“I had been praying for those people on my way to work. I was in the right place at the right time that the Lord puts you.”

Amid all the turmoil that’s happened, what are your thoughts about the Charleston shooting? Feel free to share in the comments.

[Video and Photo Credits: Tywanza Sanders/CNN/YouTube]