Fran Drescher And Her Gay Ex-Husband: His Orientation Didn’t Hinder Their Sex-Life During Marriage

Fran Drescher and gay ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson are being honored with a Black Tie Dinner (BTD) in November and will jointly receive the Media Award in recognition of their creative endeavors. However, what’s causing the internet to buzz is the fact that Peter’s sexual orientation wasn’t a hurdle for Drescher as the two reportedly had a very active sex life prior to the divorce.

It was only after the duo separated, that Jacobson first confided to his ex-wife Drescher that he was gay. Their marriage had outlasted many other celebrity couples for a good 21 years. Though it is unclear how the successful duo managed to lead a happy married life despite Jacobson being gay, when asked, Fran Drescher candidly revealed she and her gay ex-husband had many intimate moments when they were married,

“People often ask how I didn’t know that Peter was gay. Well, we had a very active sex life.”

Interestingly, Fran is quite supportive to the gay community. While receiving an honor at the Stonewall Community Foundation Vision Awards, she said,

“I have a gay art dealer, a gay dermatologist – not to mention my hairdresser. I have a gay ex-husband! People always say to me, ‘How did you not know?’. He loves decorating and fashion and clothes, but we actually did have sex a lot.”

Fran Drescher and her gay ex-husband perhaps have the most cordial relationship even after their separation. In fact, Fran also appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker in an effort to help her Peter find a new mate. The two even rallied together in 2008 to help block California’s Proposition 8. While Fran shot to fame due to the creative genius of her gay ex-husband, the duo even managed to produce a show, Happily Divorced, that was loosely based on their life post the break-up.

Fran And Her Gay Ex-Husband Even Managed To Make 'Happily Divorced'

Speaking about this extraordinary relationship that transcends beyond marriage and sexual orientation, BTD co-chair Mitzi Lemons said,

“Though differences surfaced in this couple’s relationship, the bottom line is, they never stopped supporting one another.”

Drescher has gone through and survived uterine cancer and, after a battle that lasted 12-years, found a companion in Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, with whom she tied the knot last year. Dr. Ayyadurai owns the patent to email and is often credited as the inventor of the electronic mail system.

Fran Drescher Married Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai The Man Who Owns Patent On Email

Scheduled for November 2, the Black Tie Dinner is a prestigious event held every year to raise money for the North Texas lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Fran Drescher and her gay ex-husband will join Scouts for Equality founder Zach Wahls and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

[Image Credit | Dimitrios Kambouris, Ben Gabbe, Getty Images]