WWE News: WWE NXT’s Four Horsewomen To Arrive On The Main Roster At The Same Time To Help Paige?

WWE NXT has been quite a fun show over the last year. One of the biggest reasons is the NXT Divas. Not only are they all gorgeous, but they are also fantastic in the ring. They are incredibly fun to watch, and it makes it so much more fun to see a show when the women are just as good as the men. Arguably, they are better than some of the guys.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that WWE wants to bring some of them up soon. As the Inquisitr reported on Thursday, WWE has plans to bring one up to help Paige in the current storyline with the Bella Twins. On WWE RAW, it seemed that all of the WWE Divas were against Paige. This is for an understandable reason: She has turned on every partner she has had, and trusting her would be like trusting a serial killer. It isn’t an easy thing to do.

On WWE SmackDown, it seemed that Alicia Fox was siding with the Bellas. One has to wonder if the Divas will continue to take the side of the Bella Twins, which may hurt Paige’s hopes for a better future in the diva division. This has led to some speculation that WWE will now bring up all four popular NXT girls at the same time. Known as the Four Horsewomen of NXT, these girls have given us amazing material over the past year. Charlotte, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks have broken down barriers between the men and the women.

WWE wants to take advantage of such a push in female popularity. They see people like Ronda Rousey dominating in the UFC and being their top box office draw. WWE knows that they have talent that can make them money in the female division. Now that they have a group of girls who can be amazing, they can sort of change the guard a bit. Cageside Seats reports that “the story with Paige trying to rally the Divas division against the Bella twins but getting no help is apparently a set up for the introduction of new women, likely NXT call ups.”


This pretty much means that WWE is planning to bring up more divas to the main roster. While most believe many will still work NXT, which Kevin Owens has been doing, they can still perform on the main roster. WWE NXT is now introducing a lot of women on NXT, and they have been bringing even more in for try-outs. That said, it makes sense to potentially bring up four women by the end of the year to make room for new talent.

To make things interesting, on taped WWE NXT events in the next few weeks, Charlotte and Sasha Banks will team up and then compete the following week where they hug after. This seems to be setting up a friendship with the two and a face turn for Banks.

Becky Lynch and Bayley are still faces, which means that with four face characters, they can come up by WWE SummerSlam to help Paige potentially with a Four Horsewomen idea if they so desire.

One NXT girl to come up and help against a growing Bella army is not enough for Paige — she needs more. Why not the four top girls from NXT who Paige has never wronged? On top of this, Charlotte is Ric Flair’s daughter. So the Four Horsewomen idea is not only possible, it needs to happen in WWE with her. That looks to be where WWE is headed. Plus, what a way to debut and put some eyeballs on the Diva Division.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com, Charlotte Instragram]