Joyce Mitchell: Claims Made That Former Prison Worker May Have Wanted Her Husband Dead

Joyce Mitchell’s story keeps getting more intense with each and every report that comes out. The former prison worker who allegedly helped two prisoners escape a maximum security prison in New York over a week ago allegedly confessed to enlisting the prisoner’s help in killing her husband following their daring escape.

News of this alleged murder plot comes only days after reports claimed that Joyce Mitchell, 51, allegedly had sexual relationships with not only one, but both of the escaped prisoners, Richard Matt, 48, and David Sweat, 35. As of this report there are mixed statements as to whether or not Mitchell had sexual relationships with both men, though ABC News reported that the former prison worker has admitted to having sexual relations with Matt.

Joyce has been arrested and charged with promoting prison contraband in the first degree, a felony, and also with criminal facilitation in the fourth degree, a misdemeanor. Reports state that Joyce allegedly provided Matt and Sweat with hacksaw blades and chisels, among other items which aided them in their escape.

DA Andrew Wylie stated that Joyce recently told investigators she had discussed an alleged plot with Sweat and Matt to have them kill her husband after she helped the two escape from the Clinton Correction Facility and, according to the Albany Times Union, despite these new claims, Joyce’s husband, Lyle Mitchell, still visited her in jail and according to his attorney, Lyle still “deeply” cares for her and her well-being.

One of Joyce’s longtime neighbors, Sharon Currier, 70, spoke with People magazine and she could hardly believe that Joyce would be capable of aiding two prisoners in their escape, let alone plot to kill her husband.

“I can’t believe she would help some inmate like that. It seemed like she and Lyle had a happy marriage. They were always together and were always smiling whenever I saw them. I never thought they had problems.”

When asked about Joyce as a person, Currier claimed that she was a happy, hardworking individual.

“She’s a hard worker… She always had a smile on her face. She always seemed very happy. But of course, you don’t know what your neighbor is doing. We’d all talk and laugh and have a good time. She always volunteered. So based on that, you wouldn’t think she would act like this, either. She didn’t act like she was wild or anything. I just can’t believe she’d do something like this. She’s not somebody who’s off the wall.”

While these new murder plot allegations are, indeed, a shocking twist to the investigation, they are simply still allegations. According to ABC News, Joyce Mitchell’s lawyer, Stephen Johnston, still has yet to comment on these new details.

Stay with the Inquisitr as more information on Joyce Mitchell and the status of the missing prisoners becomes available.

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