Rachel Dolezal Used N-Word When Discussing Son’s Geography Lesson

Video footage of Rachel Dolezal using the “N-word” while discussing her son’s challenges in school and other racial issues was released online last Friday.

The footage was recorded during a student interview in early 2014. According to its video description on YouTube, Lauren Campbell had the opportunity to interview Rachel as part of her senior thesis.

At the four-minute mark of the video, Rachel starts discussing a geography lesson that was taught in her son Franklin’s classroom. Apparently, the class was focusing on the continent of Africa and the mispronunciation of one particular country caught her attention.

“They got in a group of five students… and they had the whole continent map there… They were like reading some of the other countries and a student was like, ‘Yeah, Nigger-ia’ which is Nigeria, right? Okay. And Franklin was like, ‘Uh, we don’t say it like that.’ “

Rachel Dolezal further expressed her shock over the fact that the mispronunciation of Nigeria was not addressed by the teacher — especially since it seemed as if many of the other students were unaware a mistake had even been made.

“Everybody in his group agreed that was the correct pronunciation… I didn’t want to tell the teacher about it, because what if she also didn’t know? He’s like, ‘I’m just glad that we weren’t focusing on the Niger River or the Niger Valley that day.’ “

Dolezal went on to explain that her son apparently received potential death threats in school. One student in particular allegedly told her son that if he grew up to be successful, they would find him and assassinate him.

During the same interview, Rachel also explained the past workshops, sessions, and other teaching opportunities that she has had in the community as a self-proclaimed mixed black woman — including the struggles and challenges faced after moving to Spokane from Idaho.


“In some of those cases, I feel like I’m a bridge. But that also makes my experience a little bit more isolated, a little bit more lonely… I want to really do whatever I do for the good of the cause — deconstructing white supremacy, encouraging greater life chances and opportunities for black people worldwide and locally and nationally.”

Towards the end of the clip, Dolezal talked about the “different roles” that she is able to play and the struggle that comes along with that as well.

“I think that sometimes I can play different roles in that process that are helpful at that moment, but not all those roles are typically played by all my friends and colleagues… You understand there’s one part of me, but you don’t really get the other pieces of the story. But, that’s alright! My kids know who I am and I know who I am and that’s kind of where the full understanding breaks down from there.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rachel Dolezal stepped down on Monday as the president of the Spokane chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

[Image Credit: Dollar Photo Club]