June 18, 2015
'The Royals' Start Shooting Season 2, Star Elizabeth Hurley Calls The Storylines 'Mind Blowing'

The Royals has already started filming for its highly anticipated Season 2. With so many twists and turns happening at the end of Season 1, what can fans expect in Season 2 for members of the royal family?

"The storylines for season 2 of The Royals are mind blowing. So excited to be back on set," Elizabeth Hurley recently posted on Instagram during the filming for the new season. The actress has been plenty busy posting images on social media since production started for the new season, including a few of her and fellow co-stars getting ready for their roles.

One of those posts included an image of Hurley and Alexandra Park. "With the most glamorous screen mummy ever, first day on season 2 of #TheRoyals with @joancollinsofficial @theroyalsone @alexandrapark1 @goodproblemstohave," she captioned with the photo.

The Season 1 finale featured some major changes for a number of the characters on the show following the death of King Simon. With so many uncertainties on what to expect in the new season, one thing that is certain is that William Moseley, Alexandra Park, Elizabeth Hurley, and Dame Joan Collins will be returning to the show in the new season.

Besides casting news and knowing which characters will be included in the upcoming season, what else is in store for The Royals? Creator Mark Schwann revealed to E! Online that there were three main questions that would be answered in Season 2.

The first question to be answered is who was responsible for the assassination of King Simon. With so many suspects available, from Cyrus to an outside organization to even the Queen herself, it is anyone's guess at this point.

The second question centers on the mysterious Domino organization. Fans were treated with various messages from the mysterious organization in Season 1, but no one knows exactly who or what they are.

Lastly, the main question after Season 1 revolved around Liam and Eleanor's illegitimacy. The Queen and Cyrus used the notion that the two were not legitimate heirs to the throne in order to put Cyrus in charge following Simon's death. If Liam and Eleanor are legitimate, then that will surely shake things up in a big way in the following season.

Luckily, Schwann admitted that "We're going to answer all those questions," so it won't be long before we know the truth.

While filming has already begun for the second season of The Royals, the show isn't expected to premiere until November 2015.

[Image Courtesy: E!]