Adam Cole Talks Ring of Honor On Destination America: ‘We Were Just As Shocked As You’

Former Ring of Honor champion Adam Cole appeared on this week’s episode of The Greg Demarco Show on the VOC Nation Radio Network and discussed his current work in ROH and commented on the company’s television deal with Destination America. As previously reported by Inquisitr, the partnership between Destination America and ROH took many by surprise when the business venture was announced in May.

“It’s huge,” Cole said of Ring of Honor’s deal with Destination America. “We’re in 57 million additional homes. It’s pretty exciting. We always knew that this was going to be a slow but steady incline. It’s awesome to be able to saw [sic] “Wednesdays at 8 pm Eastern you can see Ring of Honor on your television on Destination America.” It floored the locker-room. We were just as shocked as you guys were, trust me. When you hear the word(s) national, cable television that just seems big league. It’s exciting for me to say that I’m going to be able to wrestle on cable TV.”

Cole confirmed that he was with ROH COO Joe Koff on the day of the announcement, and that he received advance notice of the announcement, but only by a few minutes. Adam said the entire ROH locker room was “floored” by the development.

In 2013, many fans and industry watchers expected Adam Cole to sign with WWE, but Cole ultimately re-signed with ROH. Asked if he will consider working in WWE at some point in the future, Cole’s response was professional and measured.


“My immediate focus has changed a lot,” Cole told DeMarco and his co-host Patrick O’Dowd. “If you were to ask me this question two or three years ago my answer would have been ‘I’m focused on Ring of Honor but getting to WWE is my priority.’ Of course the thought is there, but that thought is getting smaller and smaller and smaller, and my immediate focus is more and more on Ring of Honor. I really do believe in this group. I’ve literally grown up as a man in Ring of Honor, and I feel like there’s a lot more left for me to do. It’s really cool to be able to be part of a group that you feel like you’re climbing the ladder with. That very much is my focus right now.”

Adam Cole has held numerous championships during his stint in Ring of Honor, including the promotion’s heavyweight title. In 2014, he was ranked as the 9th best wrestler in the world in Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s annual PWI 500 list. Cole has also worked in a variety of independent promotions, including Pro Wrestling Guerilla. During his appearance on The Greg DeMarco Show, he acknowledged that he has an exclusive contract with ROH at present and that he can’t work for other promotions.

Earlier this week, Cole’s ROH Kingdom teammate Maria Kanellis appeared on the In The Room podcast, candidly discussing how she has found personal and professional fulfillment in pro wrestling without a spot in WWE. Now a top star in Ring of Honor, it certainly seems that like Adam Cole is cut from the same cloth.