June 29, 2017
Charleston Shooting Suspect Reportedly Identified As Dylann Roof

The senseless Charleston shooting at a South Carolina church that left nine dead and at least one more wounded was reportedly committed by a 21-year-old man named Dylann Roof. The FBI has identified Dylann Roof thanks to surveillance photos taken of the man shortly before and after the Charleston shooting.

The Charleston shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church took place late Wednesday night, and people have surrounded the location since Dylann Roof apparently opened fire and murdered a bible study group in cold blood. Reports have been surfacing since the Charleston, South Carolina, shooting went down, and perhaps the most chilling aspect of Dylann Roof's plan is that he apparently took part in the bible study before he carried out the killings.

Once he did let loose with his weapon, Dylann Roof managed to kill three males and six females. Almost all the victims of the Charleston shooting died at the scene, though one victim lived long enough for paramedics to arrive, but passed away en route to the hospital. Another shooting victim has apparently survived. Dylann Roof supposedly left one victim alive on purpose, saying he wanted her to tell others what had happened at the church. It appears one five-year-old child also survived the Charleston shooting by pretending to be dead.

When it comes to looking into the past of the man who reportedly pulled off the Charleston shooting, there isn't much known yet. Dylann Roof's Facebook page tells the tale of a child who lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and was arrested in April for trespassing. While there isn't anything that points to his plans or motive for the Charleston shooting, there is one picture on his page where he's wearing an interesting logo on his jacket. The picture has him wearing a jacket emblazoned with the flag of Rhodesia, an Apartheid-era section of South Africa that has since been absorbed by Zimbabwe.

The Charleston shootings likely won't be fully understood until police capture the murderer, but federal authorities have already categorized this as a "hate crime," which could mean even harsher punishment for the young man if he's captured alive.

[Image via ABC11]