Nerdy Teenager Wins Dance Off In Dramatic Circumstances, Instantly Becomes High School Hero

In what could easily have been a scene from a 1980s music video, an impromptu dance-off resulted in a nerdy looking teenager claiming the acclaim of his high school chums by winning the competition with ease.

All that’s known of the competitors is that the teen who won is named Kevin, as that’s what those in the gathered crowd were shouting. You can watch the video of the dance-off below. It’s simply amazing.

The above incident is believed to have played out at New York’s Yorktown High School, and the video that captured the contest has gone on to be watched over 130,000 times since it was uploaded.

After being invited to partake, Kevin then immediately drops some impressive shapes. That’s despite Kevin’s uncomfortable and nervous demeanour in the face of his much more confident and arrogant rivals.

But when Kevin starts dancing and throwing his impressive shapes the crowd begins chanting wildly. This then leads to a dancing response from his competitors, but Kevin once again trumps them with his next moves.

Rather than competing against Kevin again, the trio can’t help but showcase their adulation for Kevin by immediately hugging him while the rest of the school scream their appreciation.

Some of the comments on the YouTube video immediately compared Kevin to Harry Potter, because of his haircut and glasses, while others simply lavished praise upon his dance moves. However there were those who were simply shocked to learn that dance-offs were still even a thing.