December 6, 2016
Janet Jackson Joins Mariah Carey In Photoshop Hall Of Shame

Janet Jackson announced on Monday that she was going on tour. A.V. Club reported on the big news.

"The singer, songwriter, and nascent record label owner has announced that she'll soon be embarking on the Unbreakable World Tour, which will start this fall in support of her upcoming, as-yet-untitled 11th album."
Janet Jackson is playing a mixture of arenas and small theaters. She may be risking playing arenas, given that the last time she tried, she had to cancel several dates. In 2008, Rolling Stone reported that Janet abruptly ended her tour.
"Janet Jackson's ill-fated Rock Witchu tour has come to a sudden end as Jackson has opted to cancel instead of reschedule all those concerts that were postponed due to her bout with vertigo."
Rolling Stone then determined, like other sources, that Janet Jackson's sickness was really an excuse for not being able to sell tickets. However, Live Nation is betting that since Janet Jackson has been away for so long, people will be more interested in seeing her perform.

Unfortunately, for Ms. Jackson, the tour poster released has been the subject of ridicule, especially on Twitter.

Janet Jackson certainly isn't the only performer ridiculed for the overuse of Photoshop. Mariah Carey has been almost crucified for it. When she released the image for her album cover this past April, she was universally criticized. In Touch Weekly was one of the first outlets to criticize the album cover.
"While checking out the '#1 to Infinity' artwork, we found ourselves asking: Why is Mariah putting some random lady on her album cover? Which was inevitably followed by: Oh, wait, we're actually supposed to believe THAT is Mariah?!"
Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey have more than Photoshop in common. Janet used to date Mariah Carey's most famous producer, Jermaine Dupri, who has no hard feelings about Janet Jackson. Madame Noire recently quoted Dupri when asked if he had ever cheated on Janet Jackson.
"We was together nine years, that's a long time. That's like marriage. I'm a young dude, I'm gonna leave it at that. You know what I mean? I'm a young dude in the entertainment business. My life is crazy sometimes."
Jermaine Dupri produced some songs for Janet Jackson last decade. None of those became hits. This time, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are producing a lot of songs from Janet Jackson's still untitled album, which is set to be released in the fall. Janet kicks off her Unbreakable World Tour on August 21 in Vancouver, BC.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]