Pickwick Poltergeist: Liverpool Ghost Described As ‘Violent Spirit’ Dwells In Home Up For Rent

It’s one thing to move into a house that may have a passive ghost, poltergeist or spirit, and is the sight of some otherwise harmless paranormal-like occurrences.

But how about moving into a reportedly haunted abode where a poltergeist or ghost, described as a “violent spirit,” is said to reside?

That is the current option for potential renters of the “Pickwick Poltergeist” house which is up for sale in the lovely Toxteth neighborhood in Liverpool, England, old stomping grounds of the Beatles, reports the Daily Mail.

The three-bedroom terraced “Pickwick Poltergeist” house is currently for rent at £91 a week, buying the new tenant a roof over their head and all the haunting experiences a violent ghost might provide.

And some of those frightening experiences reported by former tenants of the Pickwick Poltergeist house, including a woman being “lifted out of her bed,” are indeed scary and explain why local paranormal experts describe the ghost as a violent spirit.

One of the former residents of the Pickwick Poltergeist house is Lekeisha Davis who fled the allegedly haunted home, along with her two young children, after the Pickwick Poltergeist’s activities made sleeping in her own room unbearable, reports the Liverpool Echo.

“On one occasion my daughter Mikiela was shouting and screaming for me, and when I went upstairs she said someone had slammed her door shut and it frightened her. Another time my mum and sister were there and a Lucozade bottle just flew across the room on its own… I have been saying for years that the house was haunted.”

The “significant paranormal activity” that former residents of the Pickwick Poltergeist house have experienced are believed to go back to the 1800s, with decades of reports of ghosts and hauntings, accompanied by the often violent nature of the poltergeist or ghost.

Tom Sleman is a local ghost writer and paranormal expert. He is among those who describes the Pickwick Poltergeist as a “violent spirit” and also relates the story about the woman who was lifted out of her bed. Sleman also says that the poltergeist once shook a neighboring house so violently that the home’s owner thought the place was “going to collapse.”

“There have been stories about a very unusual poltergeist on Pickwick Street that date back to the 1880s at least – unusual in the fact that it seems to get around. Most ghosts stick to haunting one property, but there are a rare few who flit from house to house, often in the same street, and the Pickwick Poltergeist is one of those… A landlady connected to the letting of Number 69, a Mrs Euphemia Nimlock, was also lifted out of her bed by the same violent spirit, and (next door) neighbour, Ismael Jones, was under the impression the house was going to collapse because of the vibrations.”

The haunted Pickwick Poltergeist property’s real estate listing describes it as a “3-bedroom terraced house in a popular location off Park Road, close to the Tesco Superstore. It has two singles and one double bedroom, rear yard, upstairs bathroom and two living rooms.”

The listing then goes on to warn prospective renters about the reported Pickwick Poltergeist and the paranormal happenings that have been witnessed there. The listing agent for the home says it’s their policy of transparency and honesty to be upfront about the Pickwick Poltergeist and the house’s haunted history.

According to a spokesperson for the agency, it is very true that they have received reports of paranormal activities, ghosts and other haunting stories about the house.

The spokesperson went on to explain that while they don’t get directly involved with trying to rid properties of ghosts, poltergeists, other haunts, or even people believed to be “possessed,” they do try to help any tenants that are faced with such paranormal happenings, like the Pickwick Poltergeist, “by advising and supporting them.”

So if you’re moving to Liverpool, England, and have an interest in the paranormal, you could be in luck with a nice home and the actual Pickwick Poltergeist ghost as a roommate.

[Image by James Maloney, The Liverpool Echo]

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