Tennessee Couple Stabs Neighbor With Rake Over ‘Loud Sex’ Complaints, Man Claims

A Tennessee couple is accused of stabbing a neighbor with a rake after the man complained about the couple was having “loud sex.”

Erin Brooke Lawson, 32, and Johnny Allen Richards, 33, were arrested for allegedly attacking Mark Galin, 57, on June 9.

Mark Galin reportedly called Hawkins County Sheriff’s deputies to the couple’s home twice. The law enforcement officers were called to the home of Erin Lawson and Johnny Richards once for loud sex and the other time for fighting, according to police reports.

tennessee rake attack
Erin Brooke Lawson

Erin Brooke Lawson allegedly later “hit him with a rake and broke the handle” and then stabbed the neighbor with the jagged rake handle after it broke, Galin claims. Johnny Allen Richards allegedly his Galin with a “2×2 stick” during the altercation.

Johnny Allen Richards

The Tennessee neighbor reportedly suffered “multiple lacerations” as a result of the rake attack. Hawkins County Sheriff’s Deputy Kenneth Ferguson reported finding “spotted blood” on the rake handle and also on the 2×2 stick allegedly used in the attack.

Both Lawson and Richards were charged with aggravated assault. Erin Lawson was allegedly drunk during the rake attack. She is facing an additional felony charge for allegedly hitting Johnny Richards with the same stick the man allegedly used on the neighbor. Darlene Galin, the wife of the alleged victim, told the deputies that she witnessed the rake attack.

The cut on Lawson’s head which is visible in the mughshot stems from a fall she took while in the “drunk tank,” according to police reports. Both Richards and Lawson are currently behind bars. Johnny Richards has reportedly been arrested 45 times for assault, theft, and burglary. Erin Lawson has reportedly been arrested 31 times for stalking, theft, and drug trafficking.

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