Rachel Dolezal Identifies As Black And Bisexual, Says She Cried When Reading Caitlyn Jenner’s Story

Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal made waves when her parents outed her as white. Dolezal’s parents say that the civil rights activist began pretending to be black years ago by changing her appearance and telling others she had a black heritage. Despite her parent’s claims and photographic evidence to the contrary, Rachel Dolezal says that she identifies as a black woman and that race is not a simple concept. However, in a bombshell interview, Dolezal revealed that her sexuality is not black and white either — the civil rights activist says she is bisexual and has dated both men and women.

The Daily Mail reports that Rachel Dolezal is adamant about the fact that she is a black woman. She claims there is “no biological proof” that she is Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal’s child. She says that her birth certificate was issued a month and a half after her birth, which took place in the woods.

“I’m not saying I can’t prove they’re not, but I can’t prove that they are. The birth certificate was issued a month and a half after I’m born. There are no medical witnesses to my birth — it was in the woods.”

Though Dolezal says she “can’t prove that they [Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal] are” her biological parents, there is no word if Rachel plans to take a simple paternity blood test to put the issue to rest once and for all. Despite the biological heritage, Rachel says she began identifying as black at the age of five.

On the NBC Today show, Dolezal discussed her sexuality and how the Caitlyn Jenner story made her cry. Rachel says that she understands Caitlyn’s feelings of isolation and misunderstanding.

“Just yesterday I finally had a chance to read Caitlyn Jenner’s piece in the magazine and I cried. I resonated with some of the themes of isolation, of being misunderstood.”


During the interview, Rachel also noted that she is bisexual and has dated both men and women. She says that her racial identity has been an issue in her dating and that she often asked her potential partners what their “spectrum” is as far as skin tone.

“Even in dating relationships — I’m bisexual, I’ve dated men and women — I will intentionally ask, ‘so do you just date light-skinned women? What’s your spectrum?’ “

What do you think about Rachel Dolezal’s interviews? Should she get a paternity blood test performed to put the issue of her biological identity to rest?

[Image Credit: Facebook / Dolezal handout]