Lizzie Rovsek On Tamra Barney: ‘I’m Not Making Excuses For Anyone’s Behavior’

Lizzie Rovsek may not be a full-time housewife on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she does have some concerns regarding the previous season of the show. It is no secret that Lizzie and Tamra Barney didn’t get along, and Tamra resorted to calling her co-star some rude names. They didn’t settle their issues before the season was over, so when Rovsek was invited to Vicki Gunvalson’s party, she was a little concerned.

Lizzie Rovsek herself had moved on from the drama during the hiatus, but she wasn’t sure if Tamra had. The two ladies hadn’t talked, but Lizzie wasn’t about to just go to the party without having a guard up. For all she knew, her former co-star could come out guns blazing at Vicki’s party that celebrated the group.

According to a new Bravo report, Lizzie Rovsek is now revealing that she actually feels good about her relationship with Tamra, as the two can move forward in a cordial manner. Rovsek is now sharing her thoughts about Barney.

“I’ll be honest, I was feeling a little apprehensive about the event simply because I had not spoken to Tamra since last summer. I’m not one to hold a grudge and I was willing to let bygones be bygones. I have already moved on and I hope she has too,” Lizzie Rovsek reveals about going to Vicki’s party, adding, “I understand Tamra went through a lot last year with the custody battle with her ex. I can’t imagine what she must have gone through emotionally or what that must have been like. I’m not making excuses for anyone’s behavior, but my heart goes out to her for that struggle she endured.”

And while Lizzie Rovsek has been able to move on, it sounds like Tamra could possibly reignite the feud with her based on some comments she has been making in the press. According to the Inquisitr, Rovsek is focusing on her business, but Barney is focusing on who is fitting in on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“Well you know what, Lizzie and I kind of had a, I don’t know if it was bad, it was just a weird experience last year,” Barney has said of Lizzie, adding, “She comes back this year and we tend to get along. Like I don’t think people understand that if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. If you want to cross me, like I can be the biggest b***h you’ve ever met in your life. So I’m the wrong person to cross.”

What do you think of Lizzie Rovsek going to a party with her guard up?

[Image via Bravo]