Missile Silo Condos? Preparing For The Worst Possible Scenarios

These days people worry about everything from economic collapse and terrorism attacks to food shortages and giant solar flares that disrupt global communications, that might explain why developer Larry Hall was able to outfit an old missile silo with highly secure missile silo condos and then sell four of his units for a combined $7 million.

Known as the “doomsday preppers” the buyers are looking for a way to protect themselves in the event of a global meltdown.

It’s still unclear how the meltdown will occur, it could be one of the examples given above or something completely different but even the developer is taking precautions, purchasing one of his condos for his own family, a location they will currently use as a vacation home until it is needed for more serious reasons.

Believe it or not Hall isn’t the first person to purchase an abandoned nuclear silo and turn it into a shelter, those locations are popular because they are meant to withstand a nuclear blast thanks to nine feet thick concrete walls that extend 174 feet underground.

When the project is completely done there will be 14 underground floors that extend right up the missile shaft. Hall is selling the condos for $2 million a floor or $1 million a half floor with three and a half units already sold and two full units currently in pending contract stages.


With a steel and concrete core the condos will withstand earthquakes while an indoor farm will be made available to grow enough fish and vegetables to feed 70 people as long as they need. The shelter will also provide enough dry goods to feed everyone for five years.

Hall is also using the top floor and an outside building for security purposes while other floors will include such amenities as a pool, movie theater and a library. Once locked down a medical centre and a school will also be available to buyers.

If you’re worried about not having the needed supplies to sustain life in the complex there will be power provided by various sources including generators, windmill power and conventional power while giant underground water tanks will hold water that is pre-filtered through carbon and sand.

Hall’s missile silo condos project is not the first and it will not be the last project to increase fear mongering in our country, at least in this case the silo can be used as a cool vacation home, although it is a little rich for my blood.