‘Big Brother 17’: Is This The Entire Cast Or Are There More Twists To Come?

'Big Brother 17' cast announcement

Big Brother is a game of numbers: who’s nominated and who has the votes to stay.

It’s also a marathon, typically three months of competitions, alliances, spats, make-out sessions, cigarette breaks and laundry. Big Brother usually has at least one double eviction and any number of twists that get contestants eliminated from — or back into — the game.

That’s why an announcement of 14 house guests sounds a little fishy. As the Inquisitr reported earlier today, CBS revealed the names and bios of 14 players that will enter the Big Brother house this summer. But those 14 names isn’t enough to quiet speculation more personalities will be added to the mix.

The Hollywood Reporter said the cast announcement of 14 was “suspicious in ‘Big Brother’ world.” Big Brother Network blogger Matthew Boyer, who is working on interviews with the announced cast members, immediately picked up on the low number.

“I passed third grade math, mostly, and can recognize 14 HGs across 97 days does not add up. Hmm. So what’s going on?”

Fans will recall Big Brother 14 started off with 12 house guests. Four former players returned as coaches, but eventually joined the game as players. Julie Chen told Entertainment Weekly when last season was wrapping up that Big Brother was not planning a new “All Stars” season. That does not preclude the possibility that beloved characters from past series could come back.

Adding to the numbers confusion is the possibility of an eviction before the game even gets started. On Big Brother 14, Jodi Rollins was sent packing after a mere eight hours inside the Big Brother compound. Over the weekend, at least one Big Brother fan reported seeing an episode description for this season’s premiere that mentioned an eviction.

As for the announced cast, they are relatively young, with interior designer Shelli Poole the oldest at age 33. There’s a professional wrestler, Austin Matelson, and two that are associated with the game of poker. Da’Vonne Rogers is a poker dealer in Los Angeles and Vanessa Rousso is a professional poker player in Las Vegas. The remaining contestants are a mix of personal trainers, retail managers and associates, a server, college students, a digital media consultant, a marketing coordinator and dentist.

As Big Brother fans know, professions outside the house don’t mean much within the confines of the game. Contestants often lie about who they really are, lest they be viewed as a threat or their particular skills for winning the game are exposed.

Big Brother 17 premieres June 24 on CBS.

[Image: CBS / Bill Inoshita]