Mohamed Morsi: Death Sentence Upheld By Egyptian Court

Mohamed Morsi’s death sentence was upheld by an Cairo, Egypt, court on Tuesday. The former Egyptian President is accused of espionage and inciting violence which resulted in death. He is further accused of facilitating the Wadi el-Natrun prison break.

As reported by BBC, former President Mohamed Morsi became “Egypt’s first democratically elected president” in June, 2012. A member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi vowed to protect the rights of “all Egyptians.”

In the months following the election, Morsi made several controversial decisions — which seemed to contradict promises he made during his presidential campaign.

Morsi was specifically criticized for signing a decree which broadened his power as president. He was further criticized for authorizing the use of military force to halt protests against the controversial decree.

Throughout the next 12 months, the unrest increased exponentially. Residents accused the president of siding with the Islamist-dominated constituent assembly, misappropriating government funds, and increasing military presence to further his own agenda.

Amid the turmoil, Army Chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi ordered Morsi’s removal from office. Fattah el-Sisi subsequently assumed the ousted president’s position.

Today was the last day for Mohamed Morsi The unfair judge said his word DEATH BY HANGING #Turkey #FreeMorsi #Egypt

— Mahmoud Abu Sreai (@M_AbuSarea) June 16, 2015

In September, 2013, Morsi was formally charged with numerous counts — including conspiracy to commit terrorism. As reported by NPR, Morsi was linked to several terrorist organizations, including “the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, the Palestinian group Hamas, and armed groups in Sinai.”

Earlier this year, Morsi was convicted of espionage and facilitating a prison break. As a result, President Mohammed Morsi, and 115 others, received a death sentence. The court formally confirmed their decision on June 16.

Muslim Brotherhood Freedom and Justice Party spokesman Nader Oman said he was stunned with the court’s decision.

“I’m surprised because the charges are groundless and there is no chance for any of the defendants to defend themselves… The Muslim Brotherhood is an organization that has gone on for more than 80 years. Imprisoning our leaders will not stop us from fighting.”

As reported by Guardian, the Muslim Brotherhood has vowed revenge. Brotherhood official Ahmed Ramy Elhofy said “All the world will pay for this death sentence, will pay for their silence about the sentence, and for betraying the principles of freedom and justice.”

Although Mohammed Morsi did receive a death sentence, he has the option to appeal the decision.

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