Quad Webb-Lunceford Talks Darren Owing Money: ‘I Just Can’t Stop Laughing’

Quad Webb-Lunceford knows what she wants: a business, a happy husband and she doesn’t want drama with her Married To Medicine co-stars.

And while Webb-Lunceford doesn’t start the drama, one of her co-stars does think that she is hiding something. Quad was shocked when Lisa Nicole admitted to have done a background check on her before entering into business with her.

Even though Quad Webb-Lunceford was upset with the background check, she decided to fight back. Quad did her own background check and even got a private investigator. The results of this check have yet to be revealed, but Lisa’s own husband Darren was quick to admits to his past mistakes.

According to a new Bravo report, Quad Webb-Lunceford is now reacting to Darren’s decision to admit that he owes quite a bit of money to the IRS. Apparently, he had not been paying his taxes for years.

“In “She Who Shall Not Be Named’s” own words, “Once you’re married, his problems became my problems.” Honestly, me conducting a background investigation on Darren is just by default. They are “one.” Darren states, and I quote, “When you make a lot of money, you owe a lot of taxes.” I just can’t stop laughing! Everyone in this group is coined, well almost everyone. It’s peculiar to me, no one else is being chased by Uncle Sam and his army. #CatchThatDirt #PayThePeople,” Quad Webb-Lunceford reveals after learning that Lisa does have something in her past.

However, Quad has been open and honest about her past. On a previous season of Married To Medicine, her co-stars found a mug shot of Webb-Lunceford and she was quick to set the record straight. But when Quad is faced with what she calls blackmail, she feels she has to react. And rather than go for physical violence, which isn’t endorsed by Simone Whitmore according to the Inquisitr, she decided to get even.

“It was not my motive to conduct a background investigation on “She Who Shall Not Be Named” until she boastfully and arrogantly came into the Halloween party insinuating that there was something else is in my background, although there’s not. I do not take kindly to blackmail,” Quad Webb-Lunceford has revealed after learning that Lisa Nicole did a background check on her.

What do you think of Quad Webb-Lunceford’s reaction to Darren’s comments? Do you think it is fair that Quad did a background check?

[Image via Bravo]