‘Married To Medicine’ Star Simone Whitmore: ‘I Love Talking Trash But I Don’t Believe In Physical Violence’

Simone Whitmore is back on Married To Medicine, and in the season premiere last night, it is clear that Simone has not solved her issues with Toya Bush-Harris. During last season’s reunion, the two women got into a big fight and words were exchanged. Toya was accused of not having much money, and Simone was angry that the fight took place in front of her son.

But these days, Simone Whitmore has moved on from the drama, and she doesn’t seem to be holding on to anything. Despite not being invited to Toya’s Halloween party, Whitmore showed up with her cast members. In her blog, Whitmore revealed that she does enjoy a good trash talking, but it sounds like there is still tension between the ladies because of the physical fight between them.

According to a new Bravo report, Simone Whitmore is now explaining her actions in the season premiere. Clearly, Simone can have fun and have a good time without addressing the drama, but there is a long way between hanging out together and trusting one another.

“As you can tell from my attitude, I am still having a tough time getting past my last experience with Toya when all of the ladies were together. I love a good debate and talking trash, but I don’t believe in physical violence against anyone. And when you top it off by lying about your intent to do bodily harm, I get even MORE angry and resentful. Forgiveness has never been my strong suit,” Simone Whitmore revealed in her blog, revealing that she hasn’t forgiven Toya for last season’s drama.

There were two primary storylines during this season premiere. Toya and Simone had to deal with their drama, and Lisa Nicole had to explain why she decided to do a background check on Quad that revealed some juicy information. But there is one thing that Whitmore wants to apologize for.

“I am truly sorry you have to see me snapping off on Toya. Unfortunately she has what it takes to push my wrong buttons! Sometimes, I imagine myself as Cookie, but then I quickly realize that I am not. LOL,” Simone Whitmore revealed after watching their screaming match at the end of the episode, teasing that this season will be dramatic.

This season of Married To Medicine won’t feature Mariah Huq as a full-time cast member, but she may be making appearances throughout the season. According to the Inquisitr, Mariah announced that she was pregnant with twins, but ended up suffering a miscarriage.

What do you think of Simone Whitmore’s first episode back on Married To Medicine?

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