The Biggest PlayStation 4 Titles To Look Out For Revealed By E3 2015: ‘The Last Guardian,’ ‘Destiny,’ ‘Street Fighter 5,’ and ‘Final Fantasy VII’

Sony had a pretty good press conference today at E3 2015, and they have officially announced some of the biggest titles that PlayStation 4 users should be looking out for this year and the next. While most of their exclusive titles are still due at nebulous points throughout 2015 and 2016, it has been indeed a good E3 for PlayStation 4 users. Below are some of the titles officially announced for PlayStation 4 at the E3 conference that PlayStation 4 fans should save up for.

Probably one of PlayStation 4’s biggest surprises at the E3, The Last Guardian was officially announced to be in the offing at E3 today. The Last Guardian was a title long due for PlayStation since it was first announced for PlayStation 3 years ago. PlayStation 4 users had started to lose hope that The Last Guardian was actually ever to come to the PlayStation console, but that’s exactly how Sony played the game.

PlayStation 4 users who want to get hold of the game will still have to wait for 2016 though, because there is still no exact release date for The Last Guardian. Receiving a standing ovation from PlayStation 4 fans at the E3, The Last Guardian has a lot to live up to and it will be interesting to see how Japan Studio and Sony finally pull deliver the long-awaited PlayStation title.

The Last Guardian for PS4

If waiting is not your thing, then maybe Bungie’s reveal for PlayStation fans at the E3 is probably more up your alley. Destiny: The Taken King was officially launched at the Sony press event and will hit PlayStation 4 worldwide in September 15.

PlayStation 4 will be a pretty sweet platform to play from when it comes to Destiny: The Taken King because Bungie promises Destiny to have PlayStation-exclusive content, new maps and gears, and an exciting co-op play. Destiny: The Taken King is a pretty explosive title to look out for in PlayStation 4 in the coming months.

Of course, who would not fall in love again with the classics? Not backing down to Microsoft when it comes to reinvention of the classics, Sony announced at the E3 that coming exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC is Street Fighter 5. A well-loved arcade classic, Street Fighter 5 is a notch higher from previous Street Fighter titles because it will feature cross-platform gameplay, meaning gamers from PlayStation 4 could play against gamers over at the PC platform.

In addition, Street Fighter 5 was also announced at E3 to host a public beta beginning July 23. PlayStation 4 users can now sign up for the beta at the Street Fighter website and cross their fingers to, hopefully, become a part of the PlayStation beta. The PC beta is also confirmed by Capcom at the E3 but no date has been announced so far.

Another one of the biggest reveals at the E3 press event by Sony is the remake of famous title Final Fantasy VII. The original Final Fantasy VII was first released in 1997 for the PlayStation platform and with not too many Final Fantasy titles afterwards to match the success of Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix decided to give the fans the Final Fantasy game that they deserve.

No release date is yet carved out for the Final Fantasy VII remake for PlayStation 4 but it has been noted at the E3 presentation that Final Fantasy VII Remake will first come to PlayStation 4, with no news of its release in Xbox One. Although, it is speculated that Final Fantasy VII might come to the Xbox One after its PlayStation 4 release, based on the fact that later Final Fantasy titles were both released to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

PlayStation 4 fans are really hoping that all of Sony’s announcements are delivered in a reasonable time frame, since most of the release dates are still written in sand. But it has certainly been a good E3 event for PlayStation 4 users and a promising future for the next-generation console.

[Image courtesy of Twinfinite]