New York Escaped Prisoners Search Has Gone Cold, Says State Official

On Monday, a New York State Official said in a brief that the search efforts to find the two New York escaped prisoners have gone cold. The news comes just a day after the governor indicated that the inmates may be in Mexico by now.

CNN reports that despite promising hints last week, such as authorities finding human tracks and cadaver dogs picking up the prisoners’ scents at a gas station, the trail to find the inmates has reached a standstill.

Over 800 law enforcement officials, along with numerous volunteers, have been searching for fugitives David Sweat and Richard Matt for almost two weeks. On June 6, the duo escaped from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility, reportedly with the help of former prison tailor shop worker, Joyce Mitchell.

On Monday, Clinton County Sheriff David Favro indicated that the escaped prisoners may be hiding out in the woods somewhere, or they may be completely out of the area by now.

However, this doesn’t mean that the search is over. Authorities are currently going through at least 870 tips, which place the inmates in numerous places across the nation, including Vermont, Mexico, and more.

The key may lie with Mitchell, who allegedly provided the inmates tools to escape, and planned on being their getaway driver. She backed out at the last minute, leaving the inmates to escape on foot.

Investigators question whether she knows more than she’s saying. Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie indicates that she although she seems truthful, there still may be something she’s hiding.

“It’s apparent that she’s trying to be as truthful as possible, but in any of these investigations, we always find out that potentially somebody continues to hold things back for one reason or another, and that may be the case here.”

Mitchell appeared in court today on charges of promoting prison contraband and criminal facilitation. She remained mum during the hearing, but investigators believe that she’s been manipulated by the inmates for two years, and eventually, she may provide information that can help lead authorities to find the convicts.

However, Wylie recently stated that while talking to Mitchell, she didn’t appear to be scared or show any emotion when asked about retribution from the inmates.

“Based on my reading of the statements she made to law enforcement, she did not express that concern.”

Yet, that’s not to say that Mitchell will not be cooperative. When arrested, she told authorities of her plans to take the prisoners to an area around seven hours away, but so far, there is no indication as to where exactly she was going to drive them. She stated that the inmates didn’t tell her an exact location when they were making plans.

Meanwhile, both New York escaped prisoners are considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with any information on their whereabouts is urged to call 911 immediately.

[Photos Courtesy of the New York State Police & Pool/Getty Images]