Central Desktop Ups the Ante on Web Collaboration

Central Desktop is boosting its Web 2.0 collaboration platform with a handful of new features announced today.

The utility — a clear competitor to offerings such as Microsoft SharePoint and Google Apps — adds a database API, time tracking options, and an integrated help desk feature into its summer release. Existing features such as e-mail, instant messaging, and interactive calendar functions remain constant from previous versions.

“We do feel that a lot of customers really want a lot more functionality within a single app,” CEO Isaac Garcia told The Inquisitr.

Central Desktop is trying to carve its niche by focusing on the small- to mid-sized business markets — the area Garcia believes SharePoint is leaving behind as it targets larger enterprises.

“I don’t think we’ll move nearly as high enterprise as they are. We see lots of opportunity in that mid-market area,” he explained.

Central Desktop first launched in 2005 and is headquartered just outside of Los Angeles.

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