‘GTA V’ Devs Are Cracking Down On The Use Of Online Mods And Other Cheats

With the launch of Grand Theft Auto V on the PC earlier this year, the use of player-created mods has become a growing issue. Since many of these modifications offer GTA V players unfair benefits, Rockstar Games considers the use of such mods to be cheating while inside GTA Online. Hoping to curb the use of exploitative mods, the developer has given a final warning to GTA V users on the Rockstar Newswire to inform fans that they plan to begin enforcing in-game bans for those found to be using online mods.

In addition to simply taking action against Grand Theft Auto V players who use mods while playing the game online, Rockstar Games also revealed that they have developed new tools that make it easier to see when players are using mods in GTA Online. The new automated system should make it easier for cheaters to be discovered.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to combat cheating and griefing, we have recently implemented new systems to allow us to more efficiently detect and target any players found running mods and cheat programs within GTA Online.”

GTA Online

Rockstar Games has also changed their policies to be stricter when dealing with GTA V mods. From now on, running any mod or cheat program while playing GTA Online can lead to a full in-game ban.

“As a reminder, any attempt to tamper with the behavior of GTA Online by installing or executing mods, scripts, or other exploits, modifying the game files or manipulating the game in any way while it is executing will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to time in the cheater pool, bans and potential suspension of your account. Please help maintain the integrity of the GTA Online experience by keeping sessions free of modifications and exploits.”

Not just hoping to rely on their own automated systems, Rockstar Games is also turning to their fans to help crush online cheating. Grand Theft Auto V players are asked to report any cheaters that the see in-game. The developer has compiled a full rundown of what players should include in any cheat report so that the issue can be further investigated.

While Rockstar is trying to curb online cheating from GTA V, the developer also continues to work to improve the title’s online mode with new content and bug fixes. As recently reported by the Inquisitr, the latest free DLC pack for GTA Online was released just last week alongside a new title update.

Have you ever witnessed another player cheating while playing GTA V?

[Images via Rockstar Games]