Bethany Hamilton Baby: Surfer Who Lost Arm In Shark Attack Gives Birth

Bethany Hamilton, the young woman who lost her left arm in a horrific shark attack at the age of 13, is now married and recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

In 2003, Hamilton — an American, professional surfer — was viciously attacked by a shark while she surfed in Tunnels Beach, Kauai, Hawaii with her best friend. Then a teenager, Bethany Hamilton lost her arm and became a symbol of persistence and perseverance in the face of incredible circumstances, when she returned to surfing after recovering from her ordeal.

According to an Instagram post from 25-year-old Bethany Hamilton, she gave birth to a baby boy on June 1.

“Blessed to welcome our son, Tobias, into the world. Born June 1st, 7.9 lbs. and 21? Long. He is named after his great grandpa Tobias meaning ‘The goodness of God.’ Adam and I so in love with our lil guy and are stoked to share life with him! #stokedmomma Photo: @TimmyHamilton”

Bethany Hamilton has kept loved ones and fans up-to-date with the progress of her pregnancy by posting several photos of herself showing off her ever growing belly.

Bethany Hamilton made international headlines in 2003 due to the viciousness of the shark attack that severed her left arm while she lay on her board. Her injuries were so severe that, by the time her friend’s parents arrived at Wilcox Memorial Hospital, she had lost 60 percent of the blood in her body and was in shock.

A family of fishermen took photos of a 14-foot-long tiger shark they had killed about a mile away from the attack site and had surfboard debris in its mouth. Police later confirmed that indeed, that was the shark that attacked Bethany.

Everyone was surprised when, after only three weeks, the determined teen returned to doing what she loved best: surfing. Later on, Bethany returned to surfing professionally on a modified board, but went back to a regular one in subsequent years.

Since the shark attack, Bethany has become a motivational speaker, wrote a book, and competed in the reality TV show The Amazing Race 25. Bethany met Adam Dirks — a youth minister — through mutual friends, and they were married in August, 2013, near her childhood home.

Bethany Hamilton and her husband, Adam, announced they were expecting a baby boy in February, with a video they posted online. She said she was confident she could overcome the challenges of taking care of her baby with only one arm.

“I think there’s going to be things that will be very challenging with one arm, but I’ll just have to find my own way to take care of the baby. And of course I’ll have Adam to help.

But if he’s out and about and busy, I’ll just have to adjust to little things and figure it out and be creative.”

Congratulations to Bethany Hamilton and her husband on the birth of their baby boy.

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