Bethany Hamilton Surfs Pregnant: Shark Victim Can’t Resist Waves Despite Baby Bump Balancing Act [Video]

Bethany Hamilton loves to surf, and she’s candid that being six months pregnant isn’t stopping her. But although she still surfs, the former shark victim does confess that she has some balance problems as a result of that baby bump, reported People.

When Hamilton appeared on The Amazing Race, she earned praise for her persistence and no-excuses attitude. But both qualities have characterized Bethany since she gained national attention by becoming the victim of a shark attack when she was only 13-years-old.

Since then, she’s developed the careful balance needed to surf successfully without her left arm. But now, admits the 25-year-old, there’s a new challenge, although it’s one that makes her happy.

“It’s such a weird feeling to be surfing in the ocean while my baby is moving around inside me,” revealed Bethany. “It’s a cool feeling, but I noticed my balance is a little off and I fall more, so I’m having to focus.”

And Hamilton has a good role model when it comes to continuing her passion.

“My mom surfed all through her pregnancy. I’ll probably keep riding until about eight months.”

However, Bethany has changed her idea of what type of wave constitutes a good surf. Although she’s previously taken on the enormous waves at Oahu’s Pipeline break, now the wife of youth pastor Adam Dirks is content to settle for baby waves to allow for her baby bump.

“They were pretty intense, about 10 feet,” Hamilton recalled of Pipeline. “But now that my belly is getting bigger, I’m surfing smaller waves and having more fun.”

To announce their pregnancy, Bethany and Adam created a home video, reported the New York Daily News.

“We have a little surprise for you … baby on board!” revealed Bethany, using her birthday to celebrate.

“She’s pregnant, yes!” chimed in Adam.

The dynamic duo met on a blind date, and never dreamed that their casual encounter would turn into a forever-marriage complete with baby.

“(We’re) starting to prep for bringing a new little being into the world.”

As for handling tasks such as washing and diapering a new baby, Bethany revealed that she lives her life without considering herself disabled, despite having only one arm.

“I’ve been kind of thinking about it, but I often forget that I have one arm,” declared Hamilton of caring for her little one when it arrives this summer.

“When I think about it, a squirming baby and changing the diaper … could be really challenging. I think how I live life now I just adjust and adapt to different things, especially things that are a lot easier with two arms. I’ll just have to find my own way to take care of the baby.”

Bethany’s revelation that she’s still surfing while six months pregnant comes at a time when more celebrities, such as supermodel Sarah Stage, are daring to be candid about their own desire to stay fit and pursue their passions during pregnancy despite social media criticism, as the Inquisitr reported.

Sarah found herself facing a baby bump backlash when she posted photos of her barely-there baby bump, and also revealed her determination to keep her exercise routine.

What do you think about Bethanny Hamilton’s desire to surf throughout her pregnancy? Post your comments below.

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