Domino’s: A Slice of Life Documentary Chronicles Life In The Pizza Business

Domino’s: A Slice of Life is a new television documentary that will chronicle the life of people immersed in the world of the famous pizza shop.

The film will air in the UK, and is second in a series of films featuring restaurants, following the successful documentary about KFC.

Domino’s has come under scrutiny in America recently, as reported by the Inquistr, for questionable hiring practices and poor working conditions, including inadequate pay.

This documentary will take an inside look and likely show a lighter side of the Domino’s pizza world. The 30-year-old pizza chain is in need of some different publicity, and this new documentary might be just what they have been praying for

According to the Mirror, Domino’s: A Slice of Life looks behind the scenes at the production of pizza as a staple part of the post-hangover lifestyle.

Domino’s is letting the cameras roll inside the pizza shop, revealing a taste of daily life as a Domino’s employee and showcasing the unique character of employees and patrons across the company.

As the Mirror explains, “Domino’s calls itself one big dysfunctional family and the staff are known as dominoids.”

Humor is obviously a key element to the Domino’s story as told in the documentary.

There is Matt, who is a manager in the Llanelli store, and loves Domino’s so much that, at it’s annual convention, he met and married a co-worker in Vegas.

There’s also Zagros, an Iraqi refugee who can make three pizzas in under a minute and reckons he can claim the Pizza King title.

Eddie, a franchisee in Rotheram will be opening his tenth store. The documentary will feature many other characters across the 850 shops in the UK.

As the Daily Mail explains, there’s also a “Pizzacam,” which will tell the story of the Domino’s customers, following the pizzas out of the oven and into the homes and work places of the endless lines of dominoids that order from Domino’s.