Shawn Booth’s Jealousy A Red Flag For ‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn: ‘To Me He’s Just The Other Guy’ [Spoilers]

Bachelorette contestant Shawn Booth shows his jealous side on Monday night and almost brings Kaitlyn Bristowe to tears. Shawn, who received the first impression rose this season, is not happy about the addition of Nick Viall to the cast — his jealousy may end up costing him the final rose.

Although none of the guys were thrilled when Kaitlyn announced that Nick would be joining the cast, Shawn seems to take the news harder than the others. Nick’s presence causes the budding relationship between Shawn and Kaitlyn to go from great to awkward on Week 5 (June 15).

According to People, Shawn won’t even say Nick’s name when he speaks to Kaitlyn about his relationship concerns. Instead, he tells Kaitlyn that Viall is “the other guy. To me, he’s just ‘the other guy.'”

He then tells Bristowe that he’s putting his guard back up, something just about every contestant in the history of the Bachelor franchise has promised when the competition starts to heat up. Kaitlyn tries to make Shawn feel a little more secure in what they have, and feeds him a few words of consolation. Shawn doesn’t seem to buy what Kaitlyn’s selling, and she appears to be on the verge of tears.

“I’ve told you from day one how strongly I feel about our connection. Like, this is not taking away from that.”

Although he seems to be unsure of where their relationship is going now that Nick is on the scene, their one-on-one date seems to go well. Photos captured by onlookers during the filming in San Antonio show Katilyn and Nick enjoying a kayaking date that reportedly ends with dinner and fireworks. Shawn gets a rose, and all is right with the world for at least one more episode.

According to Reality Steve, Shawn will end up at the final rose ceremony with the very guy who is making him insecure about his relationship with Kaitlyn. However, Steve says it won’t end well for both guys — Nick will propose and get turned down, and Shawn will also get sent home without a rose.

Every so often, the spoilers are wrong, so fans won’t know what happens for sure until the Bachelorette season finale airs on July 27. For now, viewers can watch as Nick Viall creates tension among the guys — especially Shawn Booth.

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