Kaitlyn Bristowe Shares More ‘Bachelorette’ In Bed Pics, Is She Pranking Her Fans?

More photos of Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe in bed surfaced on Sunday, and this time she’s shown sharing her bed with someone who wasn’t a contestant on the show. Just days after posting a video on Snapchat (below) that shows Kaitlyn and Shawn Booth (or his doppelgänger) lying in bed together, she shared a pic of herself snuggling up to an adorable white dog in what appears to be the same bed.

The video and photos are creating a buzz on Twitter, with many fans wondering if Reality Steve‘s spoilers right or wrong. Bachelorette fans know that Kaitlyn has a big sense of humor, so it’s possible that she’s just messing with her fans to keep them talking about the show — or is she hinting that she really did find love on ABC’s popular reality show?

kaitlyn bristowe bed

While there is speculation that Kaitlyn’s photos are a Twitter hoax, the video below of the Bachelorette with the bearded man (Shawn Booth?) is confusing even the savviest of fans. Although Reality Steve says that his Bachelorette final rose spoilers will be 100 percent correct, the video has some fans thinking that his final rose prediction is wrong, and Kaitlyn is engaged to Shawn.

Despite doubts about his spoilers, Reality Steve got in on the photo sharing fun this weekend, posting a picture of himself with his dog, Maddie. Chances are, if he wasn’t confident that his spoilers are correct, he probably wouldn’t be mocking Kaitlyn’s pictures.

With the season finale still weeks away (July 27), perhaps Kaitlyn is simply having a little fun with her social media followers. Many have not been kind to her this season, tweeting nasty messages to her after she chose to bring Nick Viall on as a contestant last week.

Couple that with spoilers that indicate she sleeps with not one, but three guys before the overnight dates, and the Bachelorette is truly getting a feel for what happens when you put your life out there on national television. Best part? She’s one tough cookie and gives it right back to her haters.

Find out how Kaitlyn Bristowe’s journey to find love really turns out by watching the Bachelorette on Monday night’s on ABC.

[Image: Kaitlyn Bristowe/Instagram]

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