Kaitlyn Bristowe, Shawn Booth Snapchat Pic A Hoax? ‘Bachelorette’ Fans Punked On Twitter

Did Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe really share a photo on Snapchat that shows her in bed with Shawn Booth, or is the whole thing a hoax?

A screenshot of the supposed photo was posted on Twitter on Friday night, immediately sparking a debate — is that really Shawn Booth in bed with Kaitlyn, or is it a stunt put together by the show’s producers? Better yet, did Graceanne Parks — the person who shared the Snapchat photo on Twitter — make the whole thing up? One look at her YouTube channel may convince you that the Kaitlyn-Shawn Snapchat story is a prank.

shawn booth and kaitlyn snapchat

According to Reality Steve, Booth is rumored to be one of Kaitlyn’s final two guys this season. Spoilers indicate that during the final rose ceremony, she greets Nick first and turns down his proposal. Although Steve isn’t sure if Shawn proposes, he is confident that she sends him home as well.

Considering he has successfully spoiled several seasons of the Bachelor franchise shows, there’s a good chance that the Snapchat photo is a fake. Of note, Steve retweeted Graceanne Parks’ tweet when she posted the photo, and he didn’t defend his spoilers. Is that a sign that he is playing along with the joke?

Variety ran with the story on Friday night, stating that the Snapchat story indicates that “they [Kaitlyn and Shawn] are still together… and he is the winner of Season 11,” but there is no confirmation that the information is true.

The reaction on Twitter is mixed, with some believing the “Kaitlyn spoiled the season” with the photo, and others not convinced that the Snapchat story is the real deal.

There’s bound to be more speculation about how this season of the Bachelorette turns out in the weeks to come. Week 5 airs Monday night, and fans will get a chance to see Shawn and Kaitlyn enjoy a one-on-one date in San Antonio, after Nick serenades her on a group date. Both men continue on to Week 6.

Will there be an unexpected twist on the season finale, and did Kaitlyn really pick Shawn? Tune in to watch the rest of the Bachelorette Season 11 on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET. to find out.

[Image: Raimey_Deshotel Twitter]