Duggar Family Proves That Kids Are Safe And Sound With Jana Duggar [Photos]

The Duggar family wants their fans to know that their kids are perfectly fine. In recent photos, a few of the youngest 19 Kids and Counting stars can be seen happily catching crawdads and hanging out with their sister mom, 25-year-old Jana Duggar.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently gave antsy 19 Kids and Counting fans their Duggar fix by sharing a series of photos on the Duggar Family Facebook page. The children have big smiles plastered on their faces in most of the pictures, and they all appear to be safe and sound.

“What fun we can have in one day!” the photos were captioned. “Formal high tea party and a great creature hunt (Turtles and crawdads found!). What a perfectly wonderful Saturday spent with these kiddos!”

As you can see, Jana Duggar got stuck sitting at the little kids’ table during dinner (you can see the other adults eating in the background). Maybe poor “Cinderella Duggar” was tasked with making sure that the little Duggars minded their manners during their “formal high tea party.” At least Jana got invited to the latest family tea party, and you’ve got to love that Jordyn and Johannah’s idea of proper tea party wear is matching baby blue straw hats.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jana made an appearance alongside mom Michelle Duggar in another recent Duggar Family Facebook photo. Jana shared a post about what a great “role model” her mom is, and it seemed as though the oldest Duggar daughter was being used as part of ploy to help her family repair their tarnished image. The Duggars are desperately trying to move past the Josh Duggar sexual molestation scandal, and what better way to distract fans than with photos of cute kids and the most elusive member of the clan?

The Duggar family has another reason for sharing all these photos of happy kids — they probably want 19 Kids and Counting fans to know that all of the youngest children are still at home with their parents and sister mom Jana. According to In Touch Weekly, a Arkansas Department of Human Services worker recently visited the Duggar home to check on an unnamed minor. The DHS worker had to call 911 during the May 27 visit because the family refused to cooperate with their investigation.

This news likely concerned many Duggar fans, and there’s been no update on why the DHS worker visited the family or whether any abuse or neglect was discovered. These Facebook photos could be the family’s subtle way of letting everyone know that the DHS didn’t take any of the kids away.

The Duggar family will likely continue working hard to convince their fans that they’re still the same ol’ squeaky clean Christian clan that many 19 Kids and Counting viewers have grown to love — the future of their show could depend on how well they weather the Josh Duggar molestation scandal.

Are you happy to see the Duggar family moving on with their lives?

[Images via Duggar Family Instagram, Duggar Family Facebook]