Jana Duggar Calls Michelle Her ‘Role Model’ After Police Are Called On The Family

Jana Duggar wants the world to know that Michelle Duggar isn’t so bad — the oldest Duggar daughter recently revealed that she still looks up to her mother even though she’s made a few parenting mistakes.

Many 19 Kids and Counting fans have likely been curious about how Jana Duggar is handling the crazy aftermath of the Josh Duggar molestation scandal. She didn’t join younger sisters Jessa and Jill during their Fox News interview aimed at proving that Josh is deserving of forgiveness, but this doesn’t mean that Jana isn’t standing by her family.

Jana Duggar doesn’t have any social media accounts, but this didn’t stop the Duggars from trotting her out online in an effort to show the world that their family is doing just fine. Jana recently snapped a smiley selfie with Michelle Duggar, and she shared it on the Duggar Family Facebook page.

“Love spending time with this sweet lady,” Jana captioned the photo below. “So thankful to have her as a role model, a friend and a mom! Always love my time with her.”

Jana Duggar And Michelle Duggar

Jana Duggar never posts anything on her family’s Facebook page, so there must be some reason she’s suddenly become active on social media. Perhaps the Duggar family thinks that focusing on one of their less-exposed kids will draw some of the attention away from the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, or maybe Michelle Duggar is hoping that her daughter’s words will convince the world that she still deserves that Mother of Year Award. Yes, she really did win one, and it wasn’t just a cheap plaque that one of her kids purchased at Goodwill for Mother’s Day. According to Rawstory, it was presented to her in 2010 by Doug Phillips, the former President of Vision Forum Ministries. Phillips later resigned from his position after admitting to having an extramarital affair.

Unfortunately for Michelle Duggar, many 19 Kids and Counting fans probably don’t feel like she’s deserving of a Mother of the Year award anymore, even a tainted one that was presented to her by an adulterer. Duggar critics might also be concerned that Jana still considers Michelle a role model after the baby-making machine failed to take actions that would have possibly prevented her five-year-old daughter from being molested.

Last month, In Touch Weekly shared a police report that showed that the Duggars refused to produce Josh Duggar for questioning in 2006. The police wanted to interrogate him about the numerous times he molested young girls, including four of his own sisters. Josh’s parents hired a lawyer and helped him avoid the police until the statute of limitations on his case was up, and he was never charged with any crime.

According to a new In Touch report, the Duggars defied the authorities again just last month. The Arkansas Department of Human Services is currently investigating on the family, and a DHS worker went to their home to check on a child. The DHS worker had to call 911 because the family wouldn’t cooperate, and In Touch managed to get a copy of the audio recording of the 911 call.

There’s a possibility that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar weren’t home whenever the DHS worker came by. As many 19 Kids and Counting fans have noticed, Jana Duggar plays babysitter to her younger siblings quite often. The 25-year-old still lives at home with her parents because she’s unmarried, so she’s been a “sister mom” for many years. Perhaps she or one of her siblings tried to turn the DHS worker away because Michelle and Jim Bob weren’t there to handle the situation.

Knowing what you know about the Duggar family now, are you worried that Jana Duggar views her mother as a “role model?”

[Image credits: Duggar Family Facebook]

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