Jon Hamm Of ‘Mad Men’ Invaded What Classic Indie Band’s Bonnaroo 2015 Set?

Jon Hamm may have permanently ended his portrayal of Don Draper on the TV show-turned-cultural touchstone Mad Men, but the massively-watched final season has left Jon, and the rest of the cast, with perhaps their biggest post-season buzz yet. Hamm kept that high profile this weekend at the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival, the event which temporarily turns middle-of-nowhere Tennessee into one of the music industry’s talent epicenters every summer.

This weekend, Jon appeared during a set from twee pop band Belle and Sebastian, but not with the intent of lending any kind of artistic contribution to the set. Scottish lead singer Stuart Murdoch called Hamm on stage after expressing his desire for a “very famous person” to come on stage and feed him gummy bears. Just a few moments later, Jon took the stage to — after a few failed attempts — land a gummy bear right in Stuart’s mouth. You can watch the antics at about 15 minutes into this full version of Belle and Sebastian’s Bonnaroo 2015 set below.

Hamm was also elsewhere to be found at the festival. Along with comedian Zach Galifianakis, Jon also introduced this year’s Bonnaroo Super Jam. This year’s theme, 80s throwback, included appearances from Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo, Chance the Rapper, and DMC of Run-DMC.

Even stacked against such heavyweight musical company, Zach and Hamm were responsible for getting the jam off on the right foot. You can watch the pair cover the much maligned 80s charity track “We Are The World.”

Though the show that launched Jon to fame may have ended, the actor will be appearing next month on Netflix’s prequel to the popular cult hit Wet Hot American Summer. Jon’s visibility at events like Bonnaroo may be reassuring for fans who were concerned by Hamm’s revelation that he had spent 30 days in rehab for alcohol abuse just before the final season of Mad Men premiered, previously reported Inquisitr.

Other than Hamm’s appearance, Bonnaroo 2015 has kept its long-running reputation as one of the premiere musical festivals in the United States this year. Its lineup often reads like a summary of who’s who in the dominating genres of modern music, topped off by the legends who helped cultivate them.

Though no more Jon Hamm antics are guaranteed, you can check out what’s left of Bonnaroo this year with a stream of tonight’s final performances on their official site.

[Image via YouTube]